To all fellow Mac users out there, please see the relevant section at the very bottom of my long WOFF-on-a-Mac thread (linked to in my sig. file way below, and also stickied in the FAQ section of the WOFF forum) - regarding vers. 5.04/1.21 of WOFF/WOTR, respectively. Have finally gotten around to patching up to the latest vers. In short, smooth sailing, but for now I recommend, for WOFF (if you are on AMD cards) - sticking with ver. 5.03. WOTR can be patched to ver. 1.21 without hesitation. All mods. work fine too (below follow lists of what I have loaded via JSGME - no trouble spotted and smooth fps in both sims, computer did not crash and burn, or hiccup).

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Von S smile2

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157

Bf109 E7n VonS
Spitfire Mk.II VonS
Hurricane Mk.II VonS
Gecko Better Water Textures
WOTR Cloud Mod 1MB Size by 4L0M
RDF 4-mast mod
Xjouve WOTR Maximum Mesh ver. 2.01
Xjouve WOTR Total Water Lite v. 1.1

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157

WOFF Rivers Mod by Olham
WOFF UE Cloud Mod 1MB Size by 4L0M
Gecko Better Water Textures
Pfalz A.I 80hp VonS
Nieuport 10 80hp VonS
Nieuport 11 80hp VonS
Nieuport 16 110hp VonS
Nieuport 17 Vickers Tuned VonS
Nieuport 17bis Tuned VonS
Nieuport 24 Vickers Tuned VonS
Nieuport 24bis Vickers Tuned VonS
Nieuport 27 Vickers Tuned VonS
Nieuport 28 165hp Tuned Up VonS
Albatros D.I Field Mod 170hp VonS
Albatros D.II Late 180hp VonS
Albatros D.V 170hp Tuned VonS
Albatros D.V 180hp Tuned VonS
Albatros D.Va 200hp VonS
Bristol Scout C 80hp VonS
Camel Bentley 153hp VonS
Fokker D.VII Early 180hp VonS
Fokker D.VII OAW 205hp VonS
Fokker D.VIIF BMW 230hp VonS
Fokker E.IIa 105hp Tuned Up VonS
Pfalz E.III 95hp VonS
Tripehound Late 135hp Tuned Up VonS
Tripehound 2Gun LongStroke Clerget 142hp VonS
Camel Clerget 130hp VonS - load only one
Nieuport 23bis 125hp VonS
Morane Type L Early 80hp VonS - load only one
Pfalz D.III 170hp VonS - load only one
SPAD 13 200hp VonS - load only one
Spad 7 180hp VonS - load only one
Nibbio_OvS Inflight Map Mod_2018
WOFF PE 0 UE - Facilities Models by Panama Red
WOFF PE 1 UE - 1917+ Custom Facilities - Full Trees Populated by Panama Red
WOFF PE 2 - Consolidated Periods and CampaignData Mod by RJW
WOFF PE 3a UE - Consolidated Custom Facilities Havrincourt Wood Mod
WOFF PE 3b UE - Consolidated Custom Facilities Verdun Forts Mod
WOFF PE 4a UE - Consolidated Custom Airfields Mod
WOFF PE Phalempin Aerodrome Mod by RJW
WOFF PE Realistically Populated Airfileds 1.1 by JJJ65
WOFF UE Medals mod for PilotLogEditor java applet by JJJ65
WOFF UE PE OCM 3.0.0 - Full Weather Option
WOFF UE PE OCM 3.0.0 - No Thunder Option
Xjouve Maximum Mesh ver. 2.01
Xjouve Total Water Lite v. 1.1

Nice sfumato and fog effect with ver. 5.03 of WOFF, stock with no mods. in this particular pic. (some minor tremors on horizon, and rare flash of tree stumps, on AMD cards, with ver. 5.04)

[Linked Image]

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