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#4531677 - 07/28/20 12:25 AM When you think you know alot...  
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Nixer Offline
Scaliwag and Survivor
Nixer  Offline
Scaliwag and Survivor

Joined: Mar 2001
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Living with the Trees
It's usually time for a reminder that you may have missed something.

Another WWII aircraft incident I never even imagined, never mind heard of before, and I read A LOT of WWII avaiation history in my life.

Germany's U-2

Nothing that altered the course of the war, but I imagine it put thoughts into someones head for future reference.

Good to see occaisional good content on YT. Felton has some very good stuff.

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#4531679 - 07/28/20 12:43 AM Re: When you think you know alot... [Re: Nixer]  
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oldgrognard Offline
oldgrognard  Offline

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Thanks for posting that.

Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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#4531713 - 07/28/20 09:57 AM Re: When you think you know alot... [Re: Nixer]  
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Catfish Offline
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Where the ocean meets the sky
Junkers was well into high altitude research, before they sacked him. Of course research was then continued for the military, from the 'flying U-boat' Ju 49 to the JU EF-61. The experience was then used for the 86 high-altitude version(s).

It is not so well known, the predecessor of the JU 86 bomber was built as a civilian plane in 1934, and also served in the SAAF - where it was almost shot down accidentally, by own forces:

Regarding the high-altitude reconnaissance version of the 86 being the "U-2" of its time is a bit like saying the HS 129 was the predecessor of the A 10, but apart from the initial idea there was not much left, technically.

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#4531723 - 07/28/20 11:49 AM Re: When you think you know alot... [Re: Nixer]  
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PanzerMeyer Online centaurian
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PanzerMeyer  Online Centaurian
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Pretty fascinating story there Nixer. If you don't mind turning this thread into an "interesting WW 2 events and trivia" thread then I would like to make this modest contribution:

These two guys worked for Hitler for a while but ended up being on the Allied side eventually. Both of them had lives interesting enough to turn into a Netflix documentary!

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