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#4509503 - 03/04/20 08:27 PM New Video Tomahawk MkII v Bf 109 F-2 trop  
Joined: Jul 2019
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ATAG_Pattle Offline
ATAG_Pattle  Offline

Joined: Jul 2019
Posts: 175
Dogfight!! Tomahawk MkII v Bf 109 F-2 trop.

Alpha footage from the upcoming IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz , North African expansion.

Featuring new aircraft, the Tomahawk MkII and Bf 109 F-2 trop.

Also featuring the latest map build, new smoke effects, and improved pilot AI.

Location NW of Tobruk

Would be great to hear what you think. Please hit the like button on the video  and comment away! It helps spread the word.



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#4509526 - 03/04/20 11:22 PM Re: New Video Tomahawk MkII v Bf 109 F-2 trop [Re: ATAG_Pattle]  
Joined: Mar 2001
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bisher Online content
I'll be your Huckleberry
bisher  Online Content
I'll be your Huckleberry

Joined: Mar 2001
Posts: 13,075
Manitoba, Canada
Those aircraft look beautiful, can't wait to sit in the cockpit, which look great and offers a nice feeling of combat flight smile

#4509579 - 03/05/20 12:41 PM Re: New Video Tomahawk MkII v Bf 109 F-2 trop [Re: ATAG_Pattle]  
Joined: Jun 2006
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MudPuppy Offline
MudPuppy  Offline

Joined: Jun 2006
Posts: 469
Appalachian foothills in Virgi...
Really digging the way the aircraft look in the sun. Tne flame and smoke effects look fantastic. Keep up the good work and keeping us all in the loop.

#4509587 - 03/05/20 02:02 PM Re: New Video Tomahawk MkII v Bf 109 F-2 trop [Re: ATAG_Pattle]  
Joined: Apr 2013
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Blade_Meister Offline
Blade_Meister  Offline

Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 1,724
Atlanta, GA, USA
Love it. The smoke/venting spray length before it dissipates looks really good. The modeling on both aircraft(externally) looks superb. The cockpit(109) looks excellent, but then again CLOD always had the best in the business IMHO. I would like to see the P40 cockpit, but I am guessing that is still in development? Will there be new pilot models for both the Allied & Axis pilots? That Brit pilot looks a little toasty in his heavy coat in the middle of the desert. Has the actual fire/flames effect been updated from the current Bitz edition? That is one of the only thing I struggle to be satisfied with in most every Flight Sim. IMHO they either seem to be to large to the scale of the planes(CLOD's and GBS's case. This looks better but maybe it is a Placebo effect in my mind?) or they are textures which have vertical lines showing against the external plane model and a round cotton balls strung together look(WOTR, WOFF, BOBII) or the flames just doesn't look real as was the case with DCS.(I haven't seen DCS flame in over a year, so for what it's worth this may be improved). Anyway, as a whole this just looks very high quality. Can't wait to jump in my Martl;... errrr P40 and have a go!!! Nice work TFS! yep


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#4516073 - 04/12/20 10:17 PM Re: New Video Tomahawk MkII v Bf 109 F-2 trop [Re: ATAG_Pattle]  
Joined: May 2006
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SlipBall Offline
SlipBall  Offline

Joined: May 2006
Posts: 1,088
East Coast U.S.A.
thats really awesome thanks for the thread
I finally made a move to the newer gsme it is just so special

Post composed with speech to text, it woks grape!

OEM screenshots & videos of Eu release..So I fly the original game because I am a off-liner and the game's AI was broken after the last good patch, game version 1.0.13954
GigaByteBoard...64bit...FX 4300 3.8, G. Skill sniper 1866 32GB, EVGA GTX 660 ti 3gb, Raptor 64mb cache, Planar 120Hz 2ms, CH controls, Tir5

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