If you select a ship or warship interdiction offline then when the map is displayed in order for you to select the target only the targets that have associated convoys are displayed.
However, in multiplayer there is no target selection display from the eaw.exe, and if you select a target which has no associated convoy there will be problems.

This is why we use the mission editor to make our selections, and in the latest version I have made the mission editor display the ship convoys with little white lines and a black circle.

Clicking in the black circle brings up a little box which shows the name of the target associated with the convoy:
[Linked Image]
In this case it is Martuba, which I selected as the mission target.
I then built the rest of the mission, saved it and flew a host-only flight at GameRanger

The parameters screen:
[Linked Image]

The briefing screen
[Linked Image]

Ready for take off
[Linked Image]

Here we go:
[Linked Image]

Checking the map:
[Linked Image]

It all worked well, so there is another mission in the Library wink

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