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#4504189 - 01/18/20 07:20 PM I'm back, too!  
Joined: Mar 2017
Posts: 243
stljeffbb Offline
stljeffbb  Offline

Joined: Mar 2017
Posts: 243
Wisconsin USA
Hello everyone....back in the late spring and summer of 2017 I was "lighting it up" here with various campaigns (Geoff Williams, George Lyons, and Antön Otersdorf).

Well, life took some tremendous turns starting in late 2017 and what a ride it has been! Over the last few months, things have finally stabilized to the point of me gaming solo again.

First I took a spin with the early 1990s favorite Gary Grigsby's Pacific War and created a mod where the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7 1941 (actually a bit more likely than previously thought, check out Hawaii Under the Rising Sun: Japan's Plans for Conquest After Pearl Harbor and Concept of a Japanese Invasion of Hawaii at Wikipedia for more info). That led me to research the Nakajima G5N Shinzan as a possible mod in the PacWar game, and well, basically the only place to fly one of those is War Thunder.

It was fun flying WT, lots of options, and for a while it was a grand time. After trying out and basically deciding for a mostly bombing career (G5N, B-17, D4Y, and B-34 in particular), I started to miss a true dynamic solo campaign mode. It started to get tiresome getting rammed a fair amount of the time, or being the last flyer on a team because everyone else was flying to score, and usually lost. I started wistfully thinking back to my WOFF:UE days. BTW I do think WT is a fine game, and it can be totally free to play, but you can also buy things that can help speed things along.

So I decided to come back to WOFF! I see there is a platinum edition, which I bought straight away. I am not doing quite as much back story (right now) as I did in the past. I did find a "random British Town" generator and also a "random British First/Last Name" generator online that I am now using for my pilots.

I also started in January 1915. My first pilot only lasted a few missions (crashed and died trying to land a Parasol), but I had quite a bit of success with a chap Frederick Wright:

[Linked Image]

Worked his way up from Sergeant to Captain in fairly short order, especially after being given a FE2(b) in early June of 1915, ultimately shooting down eight enemy craft (all Aviatik BI wink ) . Flying against Ghistelles in late July 1915, a lucky archie hit to my fuel line caused me to land just on the wrong side of the lines and I was interned for the rest of the war frown

I'm happy to be back, and I'm working my way through the forums to see what I have missed over two-plus years. I'm glad to see the devs will be adding planes during this calendar year. Here's hoping to a bit of beefing up of the 1915 airwar, including more armed planes for the Germans (Albatros C.I) to make things a bit more even (the Pfalz A.I does offer a bit of balance in the early air war), and also would love to see the Morane N.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of a real challenge: taking a German pilot up the ranks in the unarmed Aviatik B.I!



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WOFF:UE Computer Specs and set-up:
Homebuilt Computer!
Intel i5-3570k mildly overclocked to 3.8ghz
AsRock Z75 mobo
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (EVGA one fan version)
42 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV with 120hz refresh
Very old (over 20 years now) Aiwa Receiver/Amplifier
Very old giant stereo speakers with newer sub-woofer
Very old Logitech Wingman joystick with two buttons and a throttle slider
Very old CH Thurstmaster analog footpedals
Manhattan analog/USB converter
#4504194 - 01/18/20 08:18 PM Re: I'm back, too! [Re: stljeffbb]  
Joined: Jun 2005
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Trooper117 Offline
Trooper117  Offline

Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 7,132
That's a challenge alright Jeff... will be interesting to see how you do smile

Welcome back!

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