Three golden keys


One golden key


Merry Christmas!

I burnt out a bit on Amara. Level 50, and playing TVHM on M1 was getting me plenty of legendaries, so many in fact that I've been selling most of them. Not enough bank space to keep all of it, and some of it either doesn't really fit my style/build, or I just don't care for it's abilities. That and duplicates. I've found a dozen Smart Guns by now for example. The two items I want are the Hex grenade, which is a legendary grenade that is both homing and elemental, which fits me to a T. And the Cutsman SMG. Still looking.

So I picked up my Zane run again. I had left him at level 8 when Mouthpiece killed me twice and I decided to go a different route. This time I got him first try, partly I suppose because I've got more time in the game, and I had fought him a few times successfully as Amara. He dropped a legendary longbow transfusion grenade that restores 120% shield and 60% health on damage (or maybe the other way around), which is very strong. But at just level 7 it won't be useful all that long.

Haven't really figured out which way I want to go with his build, or if I want to go with two action skills, or grenades. At the mo I'm using the drone and grenades. Don't care to use his shield ability, but maybe the clone would be fun. I'll need to experiment. I've dropped points in to all three trees so far, but I'll respec once I reach Sanctuary.

Is FL4K a fun main? I'll have to give it a go.

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