I saw this on U Tube so thought Id pass it on to anyone that missed it. I an currently Flying a N-16 in a DiD immersion campaign in 1916. The P-40b may have been the N-16 of WWII. For example, both ( as compared to their counterparts ) The P-40b Mushed in pull out s Didnt carve a turn well ( Kinda like skiing instead of carving a turn on the edges of the skis , it was more like using the Snow Plow method.} wasnt speedly, diving ? Not the best armed, not the best climb. From the Vid, it seems to have a high landing speed , No supercharger so height is limited. Saving Graces, In production, There when needed, could be used til better came along. A steady building block for fast upgrades. Just my 2 bits guys. Of course, the wings stayed on better than the N-16, didnt break apart as much both in the air and on the ground The engineering of the motor was alot better. and pilots survival was indeed higher.


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