Cpt Rock
3rd Company 2nd Battalion
106th Inf Div,

1944, Bastone.

Situation Report :
Task Force Rock
Straggler Group: 6 Infantry Squads (12 men ) + 6 men Hq and 1 F.O. Team 3 men ( mix 28th and 106th Div's}
A Team 2 30 Cal Mg's 1 50 Cal Mg 2 AT guns 57mm and 2 Mortars

Held off enemy armor during dawn attack. 2 Tanks managed to break the line and caused hovac in the Area. Left the A.O. after loosing Infantry support. Hit with enemy Arty then the attack pushed off.
we destroyed one with The AT Gun. the others closed until I called in Arty used both tubes till empty breaking off the attack and knocking out another Tank. and 1 squad Inf,. Two Tanks and 3 Squads of Infantry ( 27 men) who had out flanked us Ran amok inside the lines till we killed the Riflemen off Fearing Bazooka men they retreated, Losses: 2 12 man squads ( 24 ) + 2 AT Guns and crews ( 10 men) and 1 30 cal Mg. + F.O. Team 3 men and 7 wnd.

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