Oberst Heinz von Luckner
156th Panzergrandier. Regiment
116th Panzer Div,

our units ( or what is left of them ) arrived near the circle around Bastone Orders came down to Halt and deploy. I put out an Observation post then dispatched a Patrol. !st Battalion's 1 companie, 2 Platoon had the duty. it had 3 Squads Infantry ( 9 Men ea, ) A Platoon Hq (6 men) + A Team : 2 LT Mg 34 Teams and one 7 man support squad 1 Mortar + 2 Ammo men. Slipping out at dust They ran into enemy patrols to both flanks, Hq Plt was the 1st to engage and In the insueing fire fights we lost 3 KIA 7 Wnd, Enemy Losses Est at 47 KIA + 10 wnd.

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