We are pleased to announce an update for Wings Over Flanders Fields PLATINUM Edition.

Please see the Website WOFF PE Downloads page (Click downloads to see the page options).

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-------==== History of Changes ====-------

You MUST have WOFF PE installed to use these updates:
NEW PATCHES CONTAIN ALL PREVIOUS UPDATES - WOFF PE also already contains ALL the patches we released for WOFF UE so you only need the latest update on your WOFF PE.

28th January 2020 WOFF PE V5.04 contents;

1) Revised DM for Observation Balloons

2) Direct X Shaders Update - fixes some issues in Windows 7, and sea animation improvement.

3) Revised explosion sounds

Remember this also contains all previous WOFF PE updates as listed below:

28 October 2019

1) Fixed a Nieuport aircraft skin search issue that erroneously excluded ace skin names with _Bis

2) Revised Aircraft MG sound attenuation with distance.

3) Fixed an issue that forced Wind off.

4) Revised Engine start effect - smoke no longer drifts slowly, but is now swept away in the prop wash.

5) Fixed observer/gunner views in FE2b, Bristol F2b, Strutter A2. Improved FE2b bombardier view.

6) Revised aircraft 'death physics' of aircraft.

16th October 2019
Contents and Improvements WOFF Platinum V5.02;

1) Fixed the Strutter B1 Bomb Sight.

2) Fixed some VC issues in the Halberstadt aircraft.

3) Lone Wolf missions are no longer auto assigned and players can voluntarily fly them when wanted via the Lone Wolf button.

4) Fixed an issue that prevented training campaigns from working correctly.

9th October 2019
Contents and Improvements WOFF Platinum V5.01;

1) Improved compatibility with international OS versions (Non English).

2) Fixed a Formup Warning: on Altitude Up waypoints for delayed fighter flights.

3) Fixed/improved some Gun Animations in various aircraft, added Strutter B1 fighter,
plus some 2 seaters, Strutter A2, DH4, Roland CII, Bristol F2B (all these 2 seaters are front Vickers animated only).

4) Now when player has force landed in a field etc - the 'Engine cannot start here' message is displayed on TAC if player tries to restart the engine.

5) Revised aircraft 'death physics'. This changes the behaviour when an aircraft is effectively 'dead'. Some will fly on for longer before going down and so on, this will also allow the progressive damage to do its job.

PE also contains ALL the updates we made for WOFF UE. Please see the WOFF UE downloads page on our website - see the history of changes section - to read about those changes and features. This is useful as it may contain info on using some features.

Link to the PE download page here.
Link to the UE download page here.

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