Dual control throttles, such as Saitek X-56:
If you still have problems assigning dual controls throttles you will need to manually edit the WOTRKeys.xca file using notepad or similar editor as it can send TWO axis commands as one controller.
Both these axis would need to be added
In this example Saitek X-56 sends two axis as active at the same time to the configuration software:

”...this method worked for tricking the software to set up the throttle. Works perfect now. I replaced X-Y in throttle settings in

C:\Users\<YOUR LOGON NAME>\AppData\Roaming\OBD_Games\OBDWW2 Wings Over The Reich

with the lines indicated in red below in WOTRKeys.xca,

<Device Type="Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Throttle">
<GameMode Name="Player">
<Axis ID="X" Action="AXIS_THROTTLE_SET" Scale="64" Nullzone="36" FriendlyDesc="Throttle Control" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Axis ID="Y" Action="AXIS_THROTTLE_SET" Scale="64" Nullzone="36" FriendlyDesc="Throttle Control" Category="AirCraftControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="1" Action="" FriendlyDesc="" Category="KeyCategory" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="2" Action="" FriendlyDesc="" Category="KeyCategory" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="5" Action="BRAKES" FriendlyDesc="Brakes" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="6" Action="engine_auto_shutdown" FriendlyDesc="Engine Auto Stop" Category="EngineControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="7" Action="ENGINE_AUTO_START" FriendlyDesc="Engine Auto Start" Category="EngineControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="28" Action="FLAPS_UP" FriendlyDesc="Retract Flaps Fully" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="n"/>
<Button ID="29" Action="FLAPS_DOWN" FriendlyDesc="Extend Flaps Fully" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="n"/>
<Button ID="15" Action="INC_COWL_FLAPS" FriendlyDesc="Albatros Radiator Open" Category="EngineControl" P4Use="n"/>
<Button ID="14" Action="DEC_COWL_FLAPS" FriendlyDesc="Albatros Radiator Close" Category="EngineControl" P4Use="n"/>
<Button ID="22" Action="GEAR_PUMP" FriendlyDesc="Gear Pump" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="n"/>

(other lines in black show other button assignments they are optional just for illustration)

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