In the file shown the lines shown in Bold are the manually edited lines;

If section 21 of the WOFF FAQ does not work then for dual throttles here is some info posted by Witchy Woman which may help;

"...this method worked for tricking the software to set up the throttle. Works perfect now. I replaced X-Y in throttle settings in

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\OBD_Games\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields

with this line in WOFFKeys.xca,

<Device Type="Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Throttle">
<GameMode Name="Player">
<Axis ID="X" Action="AXIS_THROTTLE_SET" Scale="64" Nullzone="36" FriendlyDesc="Throttle Control" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Axis ID="Y" Action="AXIS_THROTTLE_SET" Scale="64" Nullzone="36" FriendlyDesc="Throttle Control" Category="AirCraftControl" P4Use="y"/>

<Button ID="1" Action="" FriendlyDesc="" Category="KeyCategory" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="2" Action="" FriendlyDesc="" Category="KeyCategory" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="3" Action="" FriendlyDesc="" Category="KeyCategory" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="4" Action="" FriendlyDesc="" Category="KeyCategory" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="5" Action="BRAKES" FriendlyDesc="Brakes" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="6" Action="engine_auto_shutdown" FriendlyDesc="Engine Auto Stop" Category="EngineControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="7" Action="ENGINE_AUTO_START" FriendlyDesc="Engine Auto Start" Category="EngineControl" P4Use="y"/>
<Button ID="8" Action="TOGGLE_AUTOTRIM" FriendlyDesc="Auto Trim Toggle" Category="AircraftControl" P4Use="y"/>

I deleted the other throttle axis dials and will probably assign those later but for now the important one (the throttle) is working fine as well as the assigned buttons on it.


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