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#4445118 - 10/24/18 12:32 AM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 ***** [Re: MrJelly]  
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rwatson Online content
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rwatson  Online Content
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Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 4,895
New Concord, Ohio
Pretty good looking Water there Roy..looking over your work now might grab a couple things..

Semper Fi
Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#4464160 - 03/05/19 11:36 PM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 [Re: MrJelly]  
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Mosi Offline
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Switzerland / USA
Looking good, the old lady smile. Keep it up!

"Do first the necessary, then the possible, and suddenly you reach the impossible."
Franz of Assisi
#4473764 - 05/11/19 05:25 PM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 [Re: MrJelly]  
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Pisis Offline
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Pisis  Offline
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Joined: Sep 2001
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Looking awesome! How can I get it running on my Mac?

#4479180 - 06/20/19 11:55 PM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 [Re: MrJelly]  
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FsFOOT Offline
FsFOOT  Offline

Joined: Dec 2015
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Southern California, USA
Originally Posted by Pisis
Looking awesome! How can I get it running on my Mac?

Wine is the software that allows Windows made programs to work on some other OS.

info for Macs;

Or you can get CrossOver by Codeweavers

Codeweavers is actually the guys behind the free software Wine. In effect Wine is the testing ground. CrossOver is the commercial product. Available for Mac, Linux and some others.

They offer a free 14 day trial
Originally Posted by CrossOver

Discover the easiest way to run Microsoft Windows productivity apps and games on Mac or Linux without purchasing a Windows license, using a VM, or Boot Camp.
We offer a free, fully-functional 14-day trial of CrossOver Mac. The free trial of CrossOver Mac takes about one minute to download. Your trial period begins as soon as you launch CrossOver the first time.

When your free trial ends CrossOver will stop working, but any Windows programs you've installed or run during the trial are still there. Once you purchase a CrossOver license you can remove the trial timer and continue using your Windows software on your Mac - no need to reinstall.

#4485346 - 08/07/19 05:17 AM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 [Re: MrJelly]  
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FsFOOT Offline
FsFOOT  Offline

Joined: Dec 2015
Posts: 430
Southern California, USA
Just a nod to Modred who posted his Aces over Europe mod back on 2-18-2019 and there's a download link.

Hi all, pilot
AoE is ready and you can download it.
All multiskin aircraft are available, for everyone, to improve EAW version 1.60.
For personal problems, I did not have time to make any further changes to the game, but correcting some errors I found in some skins, I noticed that the game is quite stable with rare CTDs.
Remember to visit the EXTRAS directory where you will find the instructions both in Italian and of course in English.
The terrain is the default one and I have not added any objects in HD. This is something that can be done in the future, but I think it would be better to go from version 1.28C to version 1.60.

I hope you enjoy


Mariano "Modred"
Italy -------------------------
Eaw Gamer since 1998

#4486363 - 08/16/19 07:21 AM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 [Re: MrJelly]  
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FsFOOT Offline
FsFOOT  Offline

Joined: Dec 2015
Posts: 430
Southern California, USA
Many ask where to get vintage EAW? Here!

Complete EAW 128e Full Version installation as a .zip download - 465.14 MB

The contains ALL the needed EAW 1.28e files.
It is a 'standalone package'.
You do not need any other download. It is complete with ETO, Sounds and Planes setup.
All you need is download,unzip the folder and then run the eaw.exe once.
That will create the eaw.ini file and set up your configuration such as joystick, graphics, etc.
An example eaw.ini named example-joy-eaw.ini in the folder.

It should be noted that "Full Version" is simply what this package is called but it is a bit of a misnomer since even more can be added to increase EAW 1.28e.

That includes using tools and the Dirset file to point to additions to EAW1.28e as well as the OAWSelect program for EAW128.
Also Mrjelly has additional theatre packages / campaigns made for EAW1.2 - 1.28 era that are adjusted for EAW 1.28e use. These include most all the classic threatres such as DAW, SAW,
also there is FAW, SPAW, and a number of others.

They are available from the 128esu_addons shared by "MarkEAW" - folder however; the addons are a bit hard to find. thus I post the links below;

You can add these scenarios directly to the EAW1.28eFullversion since it contains all the Files, Planes, ETO Folders.

------------- 128esu_addons ---------------
(note these .exe files downloads are actually self extracting zip type archives that can be extracted in Windows or with 7-zip etc. or on Linux Mint by archive manager etc.)

You will need the DSPBasic.

DSP Basic has the DirSetPicker.exe a tool to make dirset files that point to the addon scenario to be loaded by eaw *(see below)

DesertAir War scenario for 1.28e

Finnish Air War scenario ** packed for 1.28e

MALTA scenario ** addon for 1.28e

Battle of Britain scenario ** addon for 1.28e

Spanish Air War scenario ** addon for 1.28e

South Pacifc Air War scenario ** addon for 1.28e

Secret Weapons of The Luftwaffe scenario ** addon for 1.28e

** files may differ from original 1.x series release


Resources: - EAWonLinux EAW page - How To get and use EAW 1.28e version in Wine on Linux
(same download works on Windows any version also)

A copy of the extended and final Infogrames - Atari Interactive, inc. Renewal of Good Faith agreement .pdf can be found online here

European Air War Help Site and Archive

Originally Posted by 128eSUaddons MarkEAW site

* explaination to understand what the Dir.set system is:

What the "DirSet Picker" and "DirSetExeManager" (another tool made for later eaw versions) both do is to copy a file selected from the list, and paste it into the EAW folder but renamed as "Dir.set" so that the eaw.exe reads it.

background of dirset system by Jel ...

With the commercially released version of EAW and the patches provided as an update such as 1.1 and 1.2 the eaw.exe looks for any file it needs in just two places.
The first place is in the EAW folder.
If the file is not there it looks in the appropriate CDF file, so if it needs the "p38h.flt" file it reads the one packed in the FLT.CDF file.

This system allowed modding, because the eaw.exe would use a "p38h.flt" file that is in the EAW folder in preference to the one in the FLT.CDF file.
So, modding put hundreds of files in the root folder, and file managers such as OAW moved them in and out of the root folder as required.

It worked well, but the continuous file movement caused disk fragmentation to accelerate and this could become a problem. It got worse when multiskins arrived.
As a result we came up with a new system in the 1.28 series when we programmed the exe to check for a "Dir.set" file in the EAW folder, and read it if it found one.
A "Dir.set" file contains the name of a folder and a list of subfolders to look for files in.

The one for ETO01 reads


If this particular file is in the EAW folder then the eaw.exe looks for any game file it needs it looks in the EAW folder first.
If it is not there it looks in the ETO_01 folder, then in the PIC sub folder.
If it is not there then it looks in the appropriate CDF file.

NULL is always added to the list to indicate the end of the list.

So this "Dir.set" system gives the 1.28 series of exes other places to look for the game files in addition to the EAW folder and the CDFs. It reduces the movement of files in and out of the EAW folder to a bare minumum thereby fixing the disk fragmentation problem.

Originally Posted by 1.28eSU Install Instructions

1.28eSU Install Instructions
by: Jel (4-16-2009)
Edited by: MarkEAW (11-20-2017)

(+ by FsFOOT 8-2019)

(++++++++++++++++ if you have the EAW1.28eFullversion download you won't need these:

(updated "cdf" files etc).
(updated "cdf" files etc).
Folders. they are included already)

1.28E Upgrade Installer (Updates the 1.28E Standalone build) or a fresh clean install of EAWv1.2.

The following four (4) files listed below are all required.

Files.exe - 103MB: Single files
(updated "cdf" files etc).

Planes.exe - 129MB: Planes folder.
ETO.exe - 30.1MB: ETO_01 folder (Europe theater).
Folders.exe - 14.1MB: Other folders
(Miscellaneous folders; Music, savedata etc).

*Download them to a working EAW 1.28e EAW128E game folder, (preferably with your latest "eaw.ini" file in it.)

If your doing a fresh install and do not have a existing EAW128E folder to copy the four files into, then make a new folder named "EAW128E".
*Copy the old original "cdf" files from the EAW CD-ROM and paste them into the new game folder.
*Download the four 7-zip self extracting files, move them to the "EAW128E" folder, and run each one, and allow existing files to be overwritten - (Note: There are many new versions of the EAW "cdf" files in the package that will overwrite some of the stock 'cdf' files).

The DirSet Picker, and old EAW scenarios Section
. All the files to download are 7-zip self installers which need to be run in your "EAW128E" folder.

DSPBasic.exe - 141KB: DirSet Picker Frontend
This first file will install the DirSet Picker frontend program and the DirSets folder containing the ETO_01 dir.set file (Note: The full ETO_01 addon folder itself is prevously installed when 1.28E is made.)

The following add-ons will just have the scenario, plus a DirSets folder containing the file for that scenario. As the downloads are installed the files in the DirSets folder will increase.

Download an add-on:
Older campaigns and scenarios adapted; reworked and converted to run with EAWv1.28EUG install.







This download gives you both SPAW and SPAW 1945


Last edited by FsFOOT; 08/16/19 07:24 AM. Reason:
#4486900 - 08/21/19 06:21 AM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 [Re: MrJelly]  
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FsFOOT Offline
FsFOOT  Offline

Joined: Dec 2015
Posts: 430
Southern California, USA

Adding the 128eSU packages to EAW1.28eFullversion

Download the prefered or all the self-extracting zips (.exes) from the 128eSU folder at the eaw mediafire archive.

Additonally read the

see section downloads at MarkEAW's EUROPEAN AIR WAR HELP SITE (EAWHS)
for this link updates and additional keycards etc.

(or by hand navigation of the site's folders: )


dl the DSPBasic.exe zip which contains the Dirsetpicker utility.

Extract them one at a time to your EAW128efullversion folder.

Example DAW.EXE

Download the Dirset and extract it to your EAW128efullversion folder. It should make its own DAW128e ? folder.

The folder made by extracting the Dirset tool, namely the DirSet folder will have various files for loading the prefered Dirset.
You load them by launching the Dirset utility now located in the EAW128eFullversion version.

The Dirset utility when you select a dirset from its menu will replace the Dir.set file in the EAW128eFullversion folder with that as the new Dir.set file. Thus the scenario files and all addons should load.

Then EAW 1.28e at launch will load the set.

Be sure you have the set in the EAW Game configuration menu CDF and NOT any of the Planeset folders 1-4.
That assures EAW is set to load whatever CDF set that will be pointed to by the dir.set file.
Normaly without any of these add-ons the default Dir.set file points to CDF files will be loaded from the ETO_01 folder. Or in otherwords the defult 1.28e files and not the additional Planeset folders.

So to load DAW just select DAW in Dirset folder.

Work around for linux or to do by hand:
The Dirset utility should probably run under WINE software on Linux but in any case one can if preferred do this by hand if you have the dirset file. Just rename the original Dir.set file origDir.set or whatever. Replace the file by simply copy for example the DAW file in the Dirset folder and rename it Dir.set and place it in your EAW1.28eFullversion folder.

-FsFOOT 8-2019 v.1

--------------- EXAMPLE of correct FOLDERS layout with some 128esu_addons added -----------------

A functioning EAW1,28eFullversion and with DAW128e and FAW128EBeta1 unzipped to the folder,
[Linked Image]

The Dirset picker utility program running in the folder. FAW128EBeta1 selected and loaded.
[Linked Image]
Just Click Fly! to Launch the eaw.exe.

This is the FAW Screen (FAW128Beta) you should see at EAW launch
[Linked Image]
instead of the classic EAW screen or an ETO Planeset screen such shown on my page here
for other EAW128eFullversion details see my EAWonLinux ▶ EAW ▶ EAW 1.28e on Linux pages and Adding_the_128eSU_packages_to_EAW1.28eFullversion.txt and My Files at EAWfiledownload

For original version / details of FAW see vonOben's Flight Sim Mods

Attached Files fullversionwithDAW128eandFAW128eadded.pngdirsetpickerwith128eSUfiles.pngfawscreenloaded128eSU.png
Last edited by FsFOOT; 08/31/19 06:31 AM.
#4489316 - 09/13/19 07:04 AM Re: European Air War- still running in 2015 [Re: MrJelly]  
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Joined: Dec 2015
Posts: 430
Southern California, USA
Boot another OS from a USB and use EAW

see my page EAW from a Live USB

also a thread here EAW + Live USB But please no off-topic questions!

Another breakthrough! for EAW - European Air War! ♥ brought to you by FsFOOT

Last edited by FsFOOT; 02/21/20 07:27 AM.
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