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#4486512 - 08/17/19 06:00 PM Re: Sad - Gibson files for bankruptcy [Re: DBond]  
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Joined: Jun 2002
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Tokyo, Japan
Originally Posted by DBond

Longbow, any specifics? Aside from the rosewood fiasco, what do you think were the missteps?

New management got them into industries they didn't have experience in, and that were not guaranteed to be profitable. They got hugely invested in them, and continued pouring money into them even when the figures were poor. They had ample opportunity to cut unprofitable portions of the business but instead chose to keep going without making cuts to ensure the business survived. Then let it run into the ground, and eventual bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy declaration may have been the only good management move they made. I haven't checked the details of their declaration, but depending on how they did it, they may be able to restructure and revive the company - they should stick to guitars and other areas they're intimately familiar with and find a way to make those profitable again.

I think it's unlikely the brand will disappear or change significantly unless the management is insanely inept.

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#4486656 - 08/19/19 12:18 PM Re: Sad - Gibson files for bankruptcy [Re: piper]  
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I hope you're right. We need Gibson to keep building fine guitars smile

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure
#4486970 - 08/21/19 06:37 PM Re: Sad - Gibson files for bankruptcy [Re: piper]  
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At first, I thought this thread was about Mel Gibson declaring bankruptcy!

Sad about Gibson. And guitar manufacturers in general. All is not completely lost though. Many bands that are mainly electronic still use guitars and even guitarists and solos, not just session people. Depeche Mode's Martin Gore for instance. Ministry's Al Jourgensen et al. Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor/Robin Finck/et al. And some bands are still huge though long in the tooth and still play guitars such as The Cure.

But yeah I don't get how a DJ becomes considered a musician/artist. How thousands come to see him play (didn't they use to come to dance, not to watch?). OK, maybe the art is in mixing other people's music into something new and unique--BUT IT'S OTHER PEOPLE'S MUSIC!!!!

I also feel bad for the guitarists that are tied to pop acts. The pop star gets all the exposure and the real music is being played by someone in the background that no one even pays attention to nor even realizes exists. Or they get hung out to dry like years and years ago with Ashley Simpson...


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#4486975 - 08/21/19 07:08 PM Re: Sad - Gibson files for bankruptcy [Re: piper]  
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Still lurking about
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Some of those musicians that tour and record with mainstream pop acts make pretty good money. It would just suck knowing you have talent, but have to play crap every night. I'm sure musicians have had this issue for a very long time.

"Not everything you read on the Internet is true", Abraham Lincoln
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