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#4483646 - 07/21/19 09:17 PM Flight yoke question  
Joined: Jun 2005
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SpongeBob55 Offline
SpongeBob55  Offline

Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 2,402
Hey all! I haven’t been active on here in AWHILE! Life happened(son being born mostly). Anyway he is 13 now and has join the local young eagles program. He did the research on this by himself and presented his plan to us and no one was more surprised than me. He wants to get his recreational pilots license when he turns 16.

Anyway they have recommended Microsoft Flight Sim X or Xplane 11 in addition to his classes and flight hours. I’ve been looking at yokes for him. Did Logitech buy out Saitek? Where would be the best price on the yoke throttle and rudder bundle?

I must admit I’m more than a little proud and 😆 I may take this opportunity to get back into a little simming myself!

Thanks Jerry

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#4483648 - 07/21/19 09:32 PM Re: Flight yoke question [Re: SpongeBob55]  
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VF9_Longbow Offline
VF9_Longbow  Offline

Joined: Jun 2002
Posts: 5,513
Tokyo, Japan
prepar3d has replaced fsx completely, they shouldn't be recommending fsx..out of touch.

Logitech acquired Saitek in 2016. the yoke doesn't appear to have changed though i would not be surprised if Logitech reduced component quality even further.

amazon is the best place to get a good deal on the combo. i would recommend the combat pedals (better construction, metal pedals, though more expensive).

i like the cessna yoke because it can rotate 90 degrees on each side as opposed to 45 or so for the normal yoke. the construction quality is a bit higher on it than the standard yoke.

however, the cessna yoke cannot be modified easily to remove the centering detents like the standard yoke can.

the standard yoke can be modified (voids warranty) so that there is no centering detent. this is a big deal for very precise flying and finding the proper trim point, and learning to trim correctly is a huge aspect of learning to fly real planes.

even after years out of the pilot's seat, about five years ago, using a modified Saitek yoke and p3d with A2A's light aircraft and PSX (expensive professional simulator dedicated to only 747-400) for the 747-400, i was able to get back into the cockpits of both small prop and large jet aircraft and handfly them with precision without any difficulty. i was able to keep within 50 feet of target altitudes during IFR practice and VFR circuits in both a real 172 and 777-200 with nothing but p3d and psx as refresher training using a Saitek cessna yoke, Saitek throttle quadrant, switch panels and combat pedals.

i strongly suggest that along with the yoke, you buy your son some A2A light aircraft such as their 172 and cherokee. they make fantastic training aids. the cherokee is excellent for training if your son's flight school is using older aircraft that have carburetted engines as opposed to fuel injected. if the aircraft is older than the 80's it's fairly likely not to be fuel injected. your son can learn about carb icing and proper use of carb heat like this. A2A did a fantastic job with simulating icing effects - it's not just visual fluff, it really affects the engine performance and can create dangerous situations if used improperly.

#4483650 - 07/21/19 09:40 PM Re: Flight yoke question [Re: SpongeBob55]  
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Sokol1 Offline
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Sokol1  Offline
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Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 3,751
Await Honeycomb Yoke (180º) and Throttle hit the stores, some places are tanking pre-order.

[Linked Image]

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