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#4481047 - 07/02/19 07:19 PM Website software?  
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 24,489
Dart Offline
Measured in Llamathrusts
Dart  Offline
Measured in Llamathrusts

Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 24,489
Alabaster, AL USA
While I was transferring the site from a dedicated server to just regular web hosting, it dawned on me I haven't updated the site itself since, well, we were gearing up to go into Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack.

I've just been using it to host my pictures, you see.

Well, I can't find my copy of Frontpage ( smile ) and was wondering what is a good low cost website making program...

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#4481059 - 07/02/19 08:41 PM Re: Website software? [Re: Dart]  
Joined: Nov 2005
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RedToo Offline
RedToo  Offline

Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,729
Bolton UK

My 'Waiting for Clod' thread:

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#4481082 - 07/02/19 11:48 PM Re: Website software? [Re: Dart]  
Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 24,892
RSColonel_131st Offline
RSColonel_131st  Offline

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 24,892
Vienna, 2nd rock left.
Might want to check out if your new webhost supports Wordpress. So, basically a server-side content mananagement system that installs easily with a few clicks. Might be overkill if you're only updating every other month, though.

#4481097 - 07/03/19 01:44 AM Re: Website software? [Re: Dart]  
Joined: Jun 2002
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VF9_Longbow Offline
VF9_Longbow  Offline

Joined: Jun 2002
Posts: 5,513
Tokyo, Japan
This one is a super oldie but goodie. It's a fully featured html editor. The programmer is a great guy who just puts everything out there for free.

I started my web design learning on his editor and though I now use the standard for development, Dreamweaver, his web editor is a fantastic place to start. Lightweight, simple but offers all the basic tools you need to do slim and clean pages along with CSS.

For graphics and such though, you're best off just biting the bullet and paying for illustrator and photoshop as they offer so many conveniences that you're just shooting yourself in the foot not to use them.

If you absolutely must use open source/free, gimp is probably still the gold standard for free photo editing. I'm not familiar with free vector programs but there is probably a companion tool to gimp that does the same stuff for vector.

Someone mentioned wordpress which is alright but I warn you: It requires constant maintenance. If you leave your wordpress site alone and online for more than a few months it WILL be hacked. Exploits are constantly being found and random teenagers are always scouring the web for outdated WP plugins.

#4481168 - 07/03/19 12:48 PM Re: Website software? [Re: Dart]  
Joined: Apr 2006
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JohnnyChemo Offline
JohnnyChemo  Offline

Joined: Apr 2006
Posts: 982
Buffalo, NY
I use Joomla for a site I keep up. Pretty easy to use and lots of free plugins/modules/components.

My provider has something called “Softaculous” witch will install it with a mouse click, and it notifies me of updates, and I can update it through Softaculous as well.

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