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#4478243 - 06/15/19 03:12 PM Grand Theft Auto - new twist  
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KraziKanuK Online content
KraziKanuK  Online Content

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 9,094
Ottawa Canada

Police in central Poland responded to a late evening call over an incident that surely sent chills down the spines of Russophobe conspiracy theorists: a T-55 tank rampaging down the main street.

There was only 16 squadrons of RAF fighters that used 100 octane during the BoB.
The Fw190A could not fly with the outer cannon removed.
There was no Fw190A-8s flying with the JGs in 1945.
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#4478245 - 06/15/19 03:16 PM Re: Grand Theft Auto - new twist [Re: KraziKanuK]  
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PanzerMeyer Online centaurian
Pro-Consul of Florida
PanzerMeyer  Online Centaurian
Pro-Consul of Florida
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Miami, FL USA
It’s funny to look back with 20/20 hindsight and remember all the controversy concerning German reunification and how an invasion of Poland might happen again if reunification was allowed. Considering the current state of armored forces in today’s Bundeswehr, I don’t think they could even pull off an invasion of Luxembourg.

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