I've spent the last two weeks watching Helios tutorials and reading as much as I can on Helios and interactive DCS panel setups. So I've tried to figure this out myself, but I need some experienced counsel. I've downloaded and installed Helios 1.4 to use with my DCS modules, specifically the AV-8B.

I've downloaded BlueFinBima's Helios profile setup for the Harrier, installed it to Helios, and reset his single monitor layout to my two-monitor layout. I then successfully edited his monitor .lua file to serve my second monitor. The profile shows up fine, and I copied the profile's new export.lua file to my Saved Games/Scripts folder. But the Helios profile is still not communicating with DCS, So the panel images are all there on my second monitor, but none of the controls works.

What am I missing? This is driving me nuts. Thanks for any help!