F16 HOTAS MOD (Stick, Throttle, Rudders, Button-box) for sale

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VIRPIL electronics, fully compatible with new updates.
four independent USB devices.
the whole set was remade for itself and was constantly updated for many years. unfortunately, the last two years, gathering dust without doing.

Stick base:
Case F-16 FLCS plastic;
BAUR mechanics, interchangeable cam set with and without center;

Stick grip:
Case F-22 PRO, good plastic in the handle, no crickets;
All buttons, large and small in the hut's, replaced by new ones;
The analog brake axis based on contactless sensor KMZ60;
Added RGB indication;

Throttle base:
Case F-16 TQS plastic;
Main throttle axis modded to metal mechanics and contactless digital sensor;
Added three digital contactless axes on metal mini DVIK's levers;
Added two toggle switches (on)-off-(on), two buttons, three encoders with push;
Added RGB indication;

Throttle grip:
Case F-16 TQS plastic;
All buttons, large and small in the hut's, replaced by new ones;
Added two buttons at the bottom of the handle;
Replaced ministick to encoder with pressing;

The basis of Thrustmaster Elite Rudder plastic;
All axes modded by bearings and contactless digital sensor's;

Block of 32 buttons with backlight and removable glass (under them you can put a piece of paper label assignment buttons);
Two big red buttons;
Two analog axes;

200$ Stick - 3 axes; 20 buttons; Desk mount;
200$ Throttle - 6 axes; 29 buttons; Desk mount;
65$ Rudder - 3 axes;
20$ Button-box - 2 axes; 36 buttons;

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