All purchased from Gulf-Coast-Avionics in Florida.
I have receipts and original boxes.
Excellent condition. USA ONLY. $250

Fighterstick August 07th 2017 cost: 129.95
Pro Throttle August 07th 2017 cost: 129.95
Pro Rudder Pedals January 10th 2018 cost: 125.00

I purchased these to use with Star Citizen, however I gave up on SC.
I don't think I would live long enough to see a SC finished product.
I doubt very much that they exceeded fourty hours of usage.

I am in the Good Trader thread several times.
I will pay to ship them with a tracking number.

I live in Pennsylvania northwest of Philidelphia.
Know that I don't use Paypal, never have here, and all has always gone fine.
I initiate trust first.

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