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#4473665 - 05/10/19 08:21 PM Re: Ghost Recon reveal tomorrow ? [Re: Mr_Blastman]  
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Originally Posted by Mr_Blastman
Looks like Steam is in trouble. Competition is good.

cept its not "competition" and they just throw money at the publishers for exclusivity deals, the day fortnite stops making billions is the day the epic game store dies cold

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#4473682 - 05/10/19 10:35 PM Re: Ghost Recon reveal tomorrow ? [Re: WangoTango]  
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I’ll prob get it straight from Ubi. Their client has to be running anyway.
I didn’t see the whole video, but I’m ASSuming the classes means in MP, like Wildlands and Rainbow. If it’s in co-op, it would suck, but prob the host would have his character but those joining fill a role. Still would suck.
When they said you have one character that is for SP/COOP/MP maybe it means skills you’ve used and developed rather than a limitation on weapons and gadgets.
I suspect it will turn out ok as we get info.

As for bad guys in masks... I hate it! I miss the good ole “eurotrash” Die Hard inspired bad guys from early Clancy games.
I guess they aren’t worried about offending Jon Bernthal and Punisher fans. LOL I was hoping he’d voice our own character, not the bad guy. Otherwise, bring back Scott Mitchell.

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#4473694 - 05/10/19 11:55 PM Re: Ghost Recon reveal tomorrow ? [Re: WangoTango]  
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how the hell was wildlands like far cry ?
you find camps and can switch classes there at any time.

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