A Box of 10 Tesla II Battletech Firestorm Cockpit simulators. Sold AS-IS - Before USB interface these Button Boards converted A/D for the cockpit. It was always great to have extra in stock as there are several in the cockpit. A solder joint or IC loose could take out one of the 60+ buttons. These were made by Tim Disney's Virtual World Entertainment, INC 1994 (long defunct) venture into the virtual reality. USPTO shows expired and disbanded as do State Corporation Commissions.

Of the dozens of systems left, these may be the last of the spare parts.

The 7 IC chips (e.g. 74SL05 Hex Inverters with Open-Collector Outputs 14 leads) are in sockets. It was common to reseat these, touch up solder joints and such to keep these workable. That said, they picked a good card design.
A set of 10 that have sat in an environmentally controlled box for a decade.
A Set of 10 (one card front/back is shown below) for $200.00
Good luck finding more.

See attached photos and manual

For those DYI that want a circuit card to replicate the MFD with the push buttons on/off with lighting. The old defunct Tim Disney Company tech manual is available. Button Board first mentioned on page 12
I look up these IC that are now cheap and available. Well proven PC card. Anyone building a DYI arcade sim can find useful tips for a very proven system.
Battletech Tesla II Technical Manual PDF
The VWE, INC of Tim Disney is a legal notice closed and dissolved on its corporation web site and USPTO.
The USPTO shows all patents and trademarks long expired and furthermore not transferred. Abandonware ruling makes this with the other concepts a great place to start a project.

Attached Files Tesla II Pod Button Board A.jpgTesla II Pod Button Board B.jpg