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#4471497 - 04/22/19 05:13 PM Re: SpaceX Just Launched a Crew Capable Spacecraft  
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Mr_Blastman Online content
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Mr_Blastman  Online Content
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Joined: Jan 2006
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Atlanta, GA
SpaceX experienced a setback yesterday. Apparently the Dragon capsule that recently returned from space, exploded.


They had it sitting on the launch pad for tests. Not sure what happened yet. Space X is pretty hush-hush about this, and already trying to cover up the leaked video by deleting the original tweet. They are calling this an "anomaly."

Either way, never fear. Space is dangerous. But that's no reason we should stop trying. The next Dragon capsule will be better than ever.

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#4482967 - 07/15/19 11:17 PM Re: SpaceX Just Launched a Crew Capable Spacecraft [Re: F4UDash4]  
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F4UDash4 Online cool
F4UDash4  Online Cool

Joined: Apr 2015
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Initial data reviews indicated that the anomaly occurred approximately 100 milliseconds prior to ignition of Crew Dragon’s eight SuperDraco thrusters and during pressurization of the vehicle’s propulsion systems. Evidence shows that a leaking component allowed liquid oxidizer – nitrogen tetroxide (NTO) – to enter high-pressure helium tubes during ground processing. A slug of this NTO was driven through a helium check valve at high speed during rapid initialization of the launch escape system, resulting in structural failure within the check valve. The failure of the titanium component in a high-pressure NTO environment was sufficient to cause ignition of the check valve and led to an explosion.

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