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#4470658 - 04/16/19 08:09 AM Just bought wotr  
Joined: Dec 2000
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igorry Offline
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igorry  Offline
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Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 63

After some hesitation, I finally decide to buy WOTR even though I have BOB2 and most of the other flight sims including WOFFUE. I must say I am generally happy with WOTR. However there are some key areas that I hope WOTR was able to provide. That is the sense of being there and being part of an AI squad, especially it being a single player sim, is important.

So the following are some of thoughts about the sim. This has more to do with interacting with the AI. I wish that there would there be some radio chatter during the take off time or during patrol time. Some communication with ground control regarding vectoring to targets (maybe I haven't come to this part of the campaign yet) or with tower about landing would be great.

The wingman/flight commands are very limited. Is it possible for this to be expanded? I was in a patrol in the campaign and after the patrol we return to base. I was flying as part of a squad and was trying to stay in formation throughout. There were no instructions throughout the patrol and none given about returning to base. And at a point near the base, the flight suddenly split up and went off to the base. Suddenly I am no longer linked to the squad. The rest of the squad seem to be still together but I was alone de-linked from the squad. During the landing it was all quiet. It is as if you are just flying on your own.

Nevertheless I am presently enjoying the sim as best as I can. I need some help regarding the "show hud" function. How do you still show the gauges but not the blue information on the top right of the screen? It seems shift F6 remove both.

Again I must say thank you to the developer for the great work done and the opportunity to be part of this era with no blood spilt!


#4470660 - 04/16/19 08:53 AM Re: Just bought wotr [Re: igorry]  
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ChiefWH Offline
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Joined: Sep 2018
Posts: 317
Yes I agree on the commands and having some radio chatter, (I would also like to be able to call out the enemy to the flight leader when I see them). I suspect that command changes are a lot of work to put in though, and the developers have a lot to be getting on with anyway.

I'm usually not flying as leader and there are really two things I try and bear in mind when flying as non-leader:

1) If you get out of formation I think it breaks the link, you are considered separated and that is it for the mission. I haven't ever been able to regroup (the leader doesn't call it). Whilst a bit of a downer, lots of Battle of Britain accounts I've read (of RAF pilots) suggested that after a battle everyone ended up going home alone anyway so try to obey the rules and stick to formation, then when it gets messy and you lose the rest it is just historical.

2) What does work brilliantly is the the 'help me' command. If you set a key to 'target last aircraft that hit you' ( I use one of my hat switches down) then hit 'help' you are most likely to see one of your buddies come in and help. You can of course use the 'target enemy' button to cycle enemy aircraft and get help before you are hit. This is really well done and such a valuable part of flying a single player sim as a fighter.

I've yet to get to lead a flight regularly, but I think the existing commands will be of more use then, when hopefully they work to command the attack, regroup etc.

For all the critical points I raise about WoTR, the truth is that so often when flying in WoTR I just find myself chuckling at how much great fun it is (or panicking at being shot up).

#4470665 - 04/16/19 10:13 AM Re: Just bought wotr [Re: igorry]  
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Joined: Mar 2003
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To put more and more in takes an extraordinary amount to time and work and the sim has already many things not in other sims.
With more sales maybe someday..

If you press Ctrl+S you will split from the formation.

On the F6 HUD info, you can move it,drag with mouse, off screen (be careful to leave a small amount so you can drag it back should you want it later) - you can actually leave half a character showing in one bottom corner for example. Or you can go to Workshop and set Hardcore HUD. Then most of it is removed.


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