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#4467603 - 03/26/19 06:42 PM The rapidly changing video game market  
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PanzerMeyer Offline
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PanzerMeyer  Offline
Pro-Consul of Florida
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Do these developments mean that the single player pay once and you're done game will go extinct any time soon?

Personally I don't think so but I think that type of game will be released in fewer and fewer numbers. It also doesn't help when recent really great single player games like "Prey" and "Dishonored 2" did very poorly commercially.

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#4467616 - 03/26/19 08:11 PM Re: The rapidly changing video game market [Re: PanzerMeyer]  
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Bill_Grant Offline
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Dallas, TX
I don't believe so. I think that the long overdue return to allow for COOP play is going to show up.
That has been kicked to the curb in favor of DeathMatch play for awhile. But now there are stupid popular games that encourage COOP.
What makes Forza Horizon 4 fun is that I play mostly in "SP" mode, but every hour at nn:55 the map lights up a COOP event for everyone that is online.
And once it is over, it is back to Single Player mode. Love it.


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#4467624 - 03/26/19 08:41 PM Re: The rapidly changing video game market [Re: PanzerMeyer]  
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Raw Kryptonite Offline
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Raw Kryptonite  Offline
Beat the Kobayashi Maru

Joined: Apr 2008
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It's just gaming. There are trends, some say the industry will change forever and it doesn't really.
Console games will kill pc's "real" games.
The wii light gaming will kill more hardcore "real" games.
Mobile gaming will kill "real" games.
MP will kill SP games.
MMO's are killing "real" games.
FTP is killing paid for games.

More types of gaming pops up, but traditional games still go on. We also get more because smaller developers, even 1 man operations, have outlets other than big publishers now.

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#4467627 - 03/26/19 09:24 PM Re: The rapidly changing video game market [Re: PanzerMeyer]  
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Flogger23m Online smile
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Flogger23m  Online Smile
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Joined: Dec 2002
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SP games are certainly going to become fewer in number but won't go away completely. Online games with constant paying models make more money and you can continue milking them for little investment over a long period. We're even seeing traditional MP titles like Battlefield get pushed to the side. Pay once, and buy some DLC - that is loosing in favor of games based around micro transactions. While the Battlefield games were never hyper realistic they certainly had an authentic look and feel to them. But that is rapidly changing. You can make more money by selling countless cosmetics. If you stay with a realistic looking military theme there isn't much customization that you can allow for. So even military MP shooters will start to disappear because the profit potential is stifled.

But there will always be a market for an SP game. Many have little interest in MP and like games with a story, interesting theme and whatnot. When more big publishers exit that market the few that remain will get a boost in sales due to lack of competition or alternatives.

#4467674 - 03/27/19 02:07 AM Re: The rapidly changing video game market [Re: PanzerMeyer]  
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Spidey Offline
Spidey  Offline

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Jersey Yo
Single player games per sy won't go away.
Single player games with a finite story (chapters) that end definitely seem to be on it's last legs. Considering how much game development cost these days, they need revenue to keep coming. Whether in DLC or other items people purchase in game.

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#4467694 - 03/27/19 04:59 AM Re: The rapidly changing video game market [Re: PanzerMeyer]  
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NimRud Offline
NimRud  Offline

Joined: Dec 2000
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There were some commercially very sucessful SP titles during the last year when I think about.
For example AC Odyssey, Farcry, God of War (PS4) and very recently Sekiro. All hailed by critics, some of them with microtransactions (Ubisoft) others not.
So I think there will always be a market for those games in the future.

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