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#4425292 - 06/09/18 05:37 AM Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box  
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Joined: Dec 2015
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Southern California, USA
Update; 1/2019 Atari VCS Indiegogo Campaign Accused of Being a Possible Scam, see later post..

[Linked Image]

Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box Starting at $199



Eric Brown
May 31, 2018

Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box Starting at $199

Atari has launched an Ubuntu-based Atari VCS gaming and media streaming console aimed at retro gamers.
Atari VCS

Attempts to establish Linux as a gaming platform have failed time and time again, with Valve’s SteamOS being the latest high-profile casualty. Yet, Linux has emerged as a significant platform in the much smaller niche of retro gaming, especially on the Raspberry Pi. Atari has now re-emerged from the fog of gaming history with an Ubuntu-based Atari VCS gaming and media streaming console aimed at retro gamers.

In addition to games, the Atari VCS will also offer Internet access and optional voice control. With a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, the system can be used as a standard Linux computer. The catch is that the already delayed systems won’t ship until July 2019.
Indiegogo deals

Shortly after appearing on Indiegogo this week, the Atari VCS vaulted over its $100,000 funding goal to hit $1.7 million and counting. Indiegogo packages that are discounted by $50 include a basic Atari VCS Onyx model that goes for $199 or $229 with a classic joystick. These are both Early Bird deals that expire June 4.

There is also a wood-paneled Collector’s Edition version that sells for $299 with a classic joystick or $339 with a modern game controller. Other deals, including a $319 package with both the joystick and modern controller, are available for the next month.

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#4458027 - 01/20/19 01:19 AM Re: Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box [Re: FsFOOT]  
Joined: Dec 2015
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Joined: Dec 2015
Posts: 430
Southern California, USA
Update: 1/2019

Originally Posted by

Atari VCS Indiegogo Campaign Accused of Being a Possible Scam

News Matthew Byrd
Jun 26, 2018

The Atari VCS crowdfunding campaign, which has raised over $2.9 million on Indiegogo as of this writing, has hit a bump in the road thanks to some drama between the game company and a media outlet.

This drama started when The Register published an article that revealed that Atari had accused the outlet of making up quotes and other information featured in a largely negative preview of the Atari VCS. To counter these claims, The Register published audio logs of the interview in question and went so far as to say that "Atari is so full of crap that it should be designated a hazardous waste zone."

The gist of The Register's - and, for that matter, IGN's - concerns regarding the Atari VCS is that Atari seems very confused about the finer details of the console's hardware and functionality. For instance, Atari COO Michael Arzt wasn't sure whether the device could be plugged into a computer and seemed to indicate that Atari still hasn't decided which chip it's going to put into the device.

The concerns raised by that now-infamous interview, as pointed out by the Register in its response to Atari, is that there are many reasons to believe that the game company has very little idea what the Atari VCS is really supposed to be - or how to make it - and that the company desperately needed the crowdfunding money to start working on a prototype.

Tommy Tallarico, the recently appointed president of Intellivision Entertainment, suggested that he has similar concerns. Tallarico has stated that Indiegogo, Atari's crowdfunding platform of choice, could theoretically allow a company to "crowdfund something, a piece of hardware, never come out with it, and keep 3 million dollars." That's because Inidiegogo's policies seemingly don't require a campaign starter to submit proof of hardware prior to starting their campaign. That may be part of the reason why Indiegogo is having to help backers recoup their money on old video game hardware campaigns.

While many of these concerns are somewhat speculative until proven otherwise, none of the news coming out about the Atari VCS in recent weeks has been encouraging.

This is sad news.. I had feeling something was fishy :/
and what's up with Fred Chesnais?
sketchy, mate...

Originally Posted by

..Repeat attempts by The Register to contact Chesnais, his director of marketing Tony Chien, and the company's PR folk were unsuccessful. And Atari's New York office number was not working..

Originally Posted by

The Ataribox lives, as a prototype, supposedly
Promised unveiling later this month could give form to vaporware console..

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