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#4491391 - 10/04/19 08:34 AM Re: Panzer Elite Ostpak Redux 2.0 released - download links [Re: Daskal]  
Joined: Jun 2001
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Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 5,751
New Concord, Ohio
Brit ,,,,a while back i tried to get Ostpack running with no luck..reading this thread i decided to try again and to my joy it runs fine now finally I've reinstalled Win 7 a couple of times since my last attempt and finally got it running !! Very pleased with the mod good work there !!Thank You

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#4491633 - 10/06/19 02:49 AM Re: Panzer Elite Ostpak Redux 2.0 released - download links [Re: Daskal]  
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Brit44 'Aldo' Offline
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Brit44 'Aldo'  Offline
Every Human is Unique

Joined: Jan 2006
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Glad it works, but the mod is not mine. Redux is a project done by Dascal. My only contributions were working with Daskal and Slomo for what they wanted from the game engine.

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#4643383 - 03/04/24 02:05 PM Re: Panzer Elite Ostpak Redux 2.0 released - download links [Re: Brit44 'Aldo']  
Joined: Apr 2010
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Rotagen Offline
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Rotagen  Offline
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Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 50
Yes, some of us folks are still playing (attempting to play) this fun sim. I find the new games a POOR attempt at entertainment, nothing is customizeable, very little single player content if any (so very little time spent on the project), and therefore very little replayability or addictiveness. Anyways, I have a few questions for any PE experts out there... in the past few days with hours spent on the game trying to play new campaigns... I notice many bugs... of course it is an old game and I'm on win7... I hate to think what the win10 etc folks might run into. First question, I have a few "1.2 patch" downloads and everytime I install I see no difference in the main exe file... always it says or similar as version, same as what is on my "special edition" cd/dvd - not sure if this is normal. Secondly, I have noticed even when I use the newer mod enabler, it seems to make duplicates of many files putting "ostpak redux" on the end of the name... these don't get removed when I inactivate the mods... Thirdly, I run into many crash to desktop errors if I use my 1920 x whatever and 32-bit screen resolution with the graphics program on many of the mods, I have Nvidia decent card... Ostpak redux fares better in this regard but I've already done most of the missions, the italian ones tend to crash here as well however. I noticed None of the mods seem to tolerate each other, and the enabler is so slow and sloppy that bugs are the rule rather than the exception.. mod enabler is very slow and seems to have difficulty..... I know I sound negative but actually I'm just looking for some clarification and advise... ALSO.. it is NOT CLEAR what is included in PE three vs. Ostpak redux... I have had success with both installed but I wonder if one includes all of the other so they are redundant? Sorry for all the questions. If this thing had a real mission builder (it shouldn't take long for a real programmer to make one).. I would be willing to spend a few bucks on it..... Long as there are german campaigns i am happy... I can't play for the wrong side... thanks for any help, and THANKS for the work done on the mods... Meanwhile I am enjoying the old good games, Jane's WW2F, Red Baron 3D, etc.

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