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Over the years Microsoft's position on Linux has evolved quite a bit. The company has gone from declaring Linux "a cancer" to supporting Linux server distributions on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to making it possible to install Linux programs on Windows through a compatibility layer.

The software company is now taking another step into the Linux world and creating a new operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices using a modified version of the Linux kernel. "Azure Sphere OS:

This OS is purpose-built to offer unequaled security and agility. Unlike the RTOSes common to MCUs today, our defense-in-depth IoT OS offers multiple layers of security.
It combines security innovations pioneered in Windows, a security monitor, and a custom Linux kernel to create a highly-secured software environment and a trustworthy platform for new IoT experiences."
More information on the Linux-powered device can be found in the company's blog post.

hmm.. I take back what I once said.. maybe M$ will exist 20 years from now.. since they could just hijack the linux kernel in all its glory (Uh.. Google already did that.. its called Android!)