Hi. This Forum has been going for a long time, 17 years and counting!

So if you have a question, there's a pretty good chance it's been asked before.

You should use the Forum Search - CLICK HERE

You can search back through a maximum of 8 years, so there's a good chance you'll find an answer in that time period.

If you don't, you can change the time period for displayed threads at the bottom of the forum page. Set it to All Threads, and Sort by Ascending, and you get all the oldest threads - all the way back to 26/07/2000!

There's also a Wiki that contains a lot of information about the game, so you might find your answer there. You can access the wiki here - CLICK HERE

It also has a search box on the main page.

If you still can't find an answer, then post a thread with your question, and mention that you've not been able to find it through searching the forum or wiki.

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