Hi guys , sorry if i disappeared, i was playing with "freepie" and vjoy for my DIY vr system, to do some practice i created 3 scripts that do the throttle axis reversal and some other functions.

Beside the normal and reversed mode I added 2 modes that are advanced and advanced reversed, they allow the TUSBA R1 to behave as the default mode of the TUSBA R2, i have no intention to dissuade people from buying the TUSBA R2, in fact you can see my script as a "demo" if the basic functions , also i added the possibility to use the idle and afterburner areas as joystick buttons "warthog style"

Here attached you will find 3 " flavors", open the scripts with the notepad and copy/paste all the test in freepie:

Just manually set the variables in the first part of the script to suit your needs.

Cycle Mode:
Holding the target cursor cycles the throttle available working modes: 1 normal, 2 advanced, 3 reversed and a 4 dvanced reversed.
Holding the cage button toggles the virtual buttons finctionality.
A customizabile audio feedback will warn you of the mode change and tell you the buttons mode.

Direct Mode:
Holding the target cursor and moving the IFF hat allow direct selection of the desired mode
The cage button works as above.
Again a customizabile audio feedback will tell you the selected mode and the current button mode.

you can find freepie HERE and vJjoy HERE.

Since Vjoy is singed works on windows 10 there is no need start windows in test signing mode anymore.

have fun guys

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