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#4369728 - 07/18/17 05:09 AM Re: Worst game purchase? [Re: ]  
Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 1,080
kestrel79 Offline
kestrel79  Offline

Joined: Nov 2006
Posts: 1,080
Wisconsin, USA
MAG for ps3.

Massive Action Game...over 100 people in a server...made by the SOCOM Team. What a terrible game, returned it about 3 days later. Battlefield/CoD at the time series were so much better. Only time I've ever bought a game just off I bought Destiny day 1 as well and just couldn't get into it. I wanted it to be just like Halo. It was not. I hate grindey games unless they are RPGs with good storylines.

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#4370072 - 07/19/17 10:13 PM Re: Worst game purchase? [Re: ]  
Joined: May 2005
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Blade_RJ Offline
Simhq Weather man, dropping rain in your parade
Blade_RJ  Offline
Simhq Weather man, dropping rain in your parade

Joined: May 2005
Posts: 8,881
Battlefield 3 season pass or whatever they call it, no server host those maps,battlefield 4.......and i'm not even talking about the garbage release,the game itself is not fun, you can clearly see they left the good map ideas for the DLCs and leveling up is a piss,how come i need to have kills on the gun to unlock attachments for it ? a store i can buy with xp would be better
Recently Just cause 3......its just not as fun as the second game, and the landscape is boring, maybe i got spoiled by the diferent biomes of desert,snow and rainforest in the second game but there is not much other then the best explosions you will find in a game,i'm dreading to follow campaign,i already freed most of the islands and i didnt even bother to play the 4th mission yet....

All the tychoon and RTS games i bough in the last 3 years cos as interesting as they are, i just dont have the time to invest in them so i will never play them like patrician,wich is kinda civ like + age of empires with pirates, and Wargames RTS of the cold war.......i miss being a teenager......
Why those games released 12 years too late ? what kinda of God would do such a thing !!!!

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