I have had the pleasure to test the new version of DCS Virtual Cockpit for Android with editable views.

I must say that I am impressed.

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DCS Virtual Cockpit consist of 2 parts. A server that resides on your PC and an app on your Android device.

Home of DCS Virtual Cockpit for Android

The creator’s (boarder2) thread on ED Forums.

It is possible to pay for all panels/upgrades, groups of panels or single panels.

Go to Edit View/Chose view or Add new/+/Get more… to see the possibilities.

It is possible to use it with multiple Android devices. When you have paid for an item, you have access to it on all Android devices, connected to the same Google Play account.

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You can set up and save multiple views on your tablet/s

I have had the app running on 3x 9” tablets with different panels, at the same time with no problems.

All panels can be placed, resized and deleted as needed. Panels keep the same proportions.

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The snapping increment of size and placement can be changed in the settings.
The selected panel is a different color and can be resized by dragging one of the corners.
The coordinates and size is also shown for the selected panel.

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It is possible to change the stack order of overlapping panels. The buttons on the panel on top, have priority when the view is active in the game.

Panels can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. Modes cannot be mixed in one view, but you can have multiple views in different modes on the same tablet.
I have used 2 tablets in landscape with the third in portrait.

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You get the following panels when paying for all content:

Collie Hat
Slew Hat
CDU with buttons
CDU export only
Left MFCD with buttons
Left MFCD export only (Very useful for us with the TM Cougar MFD’s or other buttony thingies.)
Right MFCD with buttons
Right MFCD export only (Very useful for us with the TM Cougar MFD’s or other buttony thingies.)

Plus any future content. (I know that there is ongoing work on the STEER panel, with getting the dials to work.)

With the free version you get a Demo View with working LASTE panel, Left MFCD with buttons and CDU with buttons.
This is to set up the app and server and confirm that they work.

It is possible to open the Demo View in the apart from saving, fully working editor.

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This new version of DCS Virtual Cockpit for Android, is in my opinion a highly useful piece of software that opens up lots of possibilities.

I highly recommend it.

I am working on a guide for setting up and using server and app. Stay tuned.


Happy simming