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#4359994 - 05/29/17 02:40 AM Esim/ Steel beast merchendise for sale.  
Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 1,857
marko1231123 Offline
marko1231123  Offline

Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 1,857
Esim have branched out in to merchandise business for armour related products.
I have been pondering all day which mug I am going to buy.


Ssankes post. formt he SB forum.
For all your daily tanking needs, we've decided to put our artists on overtime to design the things that, so far, your wives sorely missed in your homes. Like, tank-themed mugs.

Collect them all!

Well, that may be a bit excessive. But surely you'll find the one that was made for you. wink

And order one for her, too. She won't know what to say!

You may notice that the poster preview shows a lot of white frame. We've test-ordered the poster artwork, and can assure you that this is an issue of the way how the Cafepress web code enforces all previews to fit a quadratic preview. Likewise, we can't properly show portrait format posters upright, so they all appear tilted to the left or right. Of course you are at liberty to pin the posters upside down - it's your home, after all. but the portrait posters were designed to fit doors, like the entrance to a properly tank themed game room. Or a man cave. Because there's nothing manlier thank tanks.

Magnets: Right now there are only three, but dozens more will follow, ready to provide crucial fire support to your next fridge raid.

The Cafepress mousepads are of the floppy rubber kind. Sadly we cannot provide copies of the world's best mousepads that we so foolishly hand out to strangers at ITEC and on other occasions, but, well, this is what we can do.

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Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#4359999 - 05/29/17 04:31 AM Re: Esim/ Steel beast merchendise for sale. [Re: marko1231123]  
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Ssnake Offline
Virtual Shiva Beast
Ssnake  Offline
Virtual Shiva Beast

Joined: Dec 1999
Posts: 7,746
Well... we opened a Cafepress account, and uploaded some artwork, that's all. Sounds way less spectacular, of course. wink

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