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#4328681 - 01/15/17 02:40 PM Buffeting @ speeds above 300 km/h  
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Hello all!

Since a few patches I have a massive Problem to pull the D9 at speeds below 550 km/h into a blackout during a turn. It is now still impossible for me to do so, because before I can black out the D9 starts to buffet at speeds way above 400 km/h, so I cant pull hard enough to get a black out.
If I fly with the D9 I got massive buffeting with a tendency to flip over the left wing at special corner speeds. It doesn't really matters how high the AoA is and even the G-forces are miles away from a black out (about 3.5 Gs but never higher as 4.5 Gs). The stick is slowly pushed back and held at his position, so no sudden Stick forces which could be the problem.
As soon as I get beneath 420 km/h I get the first buffeting but, even the stick position is still the same and the g-forces too, a short time later at around 390 km/h the buffeting is completely gone, then during the speed is slowly bleeding the next buffeting occurs at round about 350 km/h and disappears while the speed is still bleeding and the next one at around 300 km/h and after that the last one is at around 250 km/h.
The speed for the buffeting is not always the same by 100% but the speed distance between the buffeting seems to be (more or less) the same.
But its always the same if I try to pull a bit harder if the buffeting occurs: the D9 will flip over the wing. I now can ride this small edge in-between buffeting and the stall, but only of the cost to lose more speed as I should and that I never can black out at speeds I can easily black out with any other DCS WWII fighter.
I've read a lot of books about the D9 from many pilots an aces and not one told a word about such a behavior and I have seen the Video with the German ace at the ED Forum and the funny thing is he even noticed the buffeting of the D9 as a kind of the thing that real one never showed ("...damit habe ich nun gar nicht gerechnet.. die hat nie so gezittert und ist nie so ber den Flgel umgeschlagen.." (mind protocol)).
I really have a tough time to get a black out with speeds beneath 550 km/h if I try a hard turn in the D9. Miles before a black out could happen, the plane gets a high speed stall and I don't know why
With the Spit (which can't even really stall ;-)) I black out at any speed in no time if I want. With the K4 its easy too to black out at speeds below 500 km/h. The P51D is a little bit trickier but it works. No problem to pull hard enough to black out, even so she has the same buffeting at very low speeds as the D9 has, but the speed range is always the same and there is only one range if you pull to hard and to sudden.
Why the D9 has so many different "buffeting zones" and why the buffeting occurs and went away I dont know. And how can a high speed stall happen if the speed is a way above every stall speed and Gs for that ac?
Your thoughts!?

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#4328876 - 01/16/17 04:27 PM Re: Buffeting @ speeds above 300 km/h [Re: Member01]  
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Joined: Jul 2016
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Erich Brunotte, a German WWII fighter ace with the D9.

A better turnfighter as the Me 109 (ok he said not as the K4) and the FW 190A6.
Hmm.. was he wrong?

Nice vid btw.

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