Those that have had incarnations of OFF and WOFF over time will know we have released many updates for fixes and new features or improvements over that time. Now the current releases are WOFF Ultimate Edition (WOFF UE), and it's Expansion WOFF Platinum Edition (WOFF PE).

WOFF UE combines all the previous versions (such as WOFF1, WOFF Expansion to V2, WOFF Expansion to V3) and superceedes all those. WOFF UE contains ALL of those 3 plus contains the 3 other Add-ons. WOFF PE adds even more great features (see the store and product pages on our website for more info).

We believe WOFF UE and PE are at a pretty good place now for the vast majority of WOFF users.
WOFF UE and PE will only receive important fixes if necessary from now on, provided it's reasonably important to fix
We cannot monitor the bugs or technical issues in the forum for this any more - our team is too small.

Currently we are working on a new version of WOFF (WOFF 2020) with well over 70 improvements and more new features full time, so from now on please report any bugs or serious issues using the support email address, together with all needed information (Important: see the last 2 pages or so of the WOFF UE FAQ for details on exactly what is required).

Our email is support<at>

Replace <at> with @

(changed to avoid forum email bot spammers).

You can of course post here in the technical sub forum for help from fellow WOFF'ers and we may dip in to help from time to time.

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