Our latest release WOFF Between Heaven & Hell II with a vast number of improvements and new features is at good place too, so from now on please report any bugs or serious issues using the support email address, together with all needed information (Important: see the last 2 pages or so of the WOFF BH&H II FAQ, available on our website Support page, for details on exactly what is required).

We cannot monitor the bugs or technical issues like we did in the past in the forum any more - our team is too small.

Our email is support<at>overflandersfields.com

Replace <at> with @

(changed to avoid forum email bot spammers).

You can of course post here in the technical sub forum for help from fellow WOFF'ers and we may dip in to help from time to time.

(We believe previous releases, WOFF UE and PE, are at a good place too for most WOFF users - but if you require the ability to receive updates, if we produce them, then you must purchase BH&H II that supersedes them).

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