Method 1 refers to

This method is merely an extension of Method 1, by editing an existing panel and placing controls on it. It has the advantage of simplifying the visible number of layers and resizing panels.

This profile has the same appearance as the Method 1, profile, but all controls above the green layer were deleted from the Monitor and pasted on the Green Panel on the Green Panel Tab thus the monitor no longer shows red and blue panels. Notice they are missing from the monitor layers.

The missing layers above do appear on the Green Panel layers.
Now if the toggle switch hides the green panels everything will disappear.

Below a comparison of the output of running these two profiles.
First both profiles appear the same prior to toggling the switch.

Output Method 1 toggling switch.

Output Method 2 toggling the switch

Method 1 only hides the Green Panel
Method 2 hides the Green Panel and everything on the Green Panel

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