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#4287003 - 08/12/16 06:21 PM Re: Caucasus Map for 2.5 Update - 23 July 2016 [Re: zaelu]  
Joined: Mar 2002
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Tom_Weiss Offline
>>> P3Dv4+Il-2 = !!!
Tom_Weiss  Offline
>>> P3Dv4+Il-2 = !!!

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 14,236
3rd Planet, Sun
Originally Posted By: zaelu
I find Tom Weiss' pic posting of P3D all over a bit over the top. I get what you try to do but it is passed annoying point (imo). Any discussion is peppered by skins of P51 (sorry... they look worse on that plane than the one in DCS.. for me) and shots from P3D.

I like some aspects in P3D (mainly the whole Earth legacy from FSX) but this constant spraying of screenshots in threads about DCS or DCS ED forum's moderation lost its sense to me. To me they look like things made by a kid (no offence) that is just stubborn to correct something and keeps on doing the thing in a vane hope it will attract your attention to the funny part at least.

I have a good friend that peppers the TS with sick dirty talk... it is funny for a while but at some point is as boring as a continued b... job after "the fireworks"... but he insists and insists and insists until everyone puts him on mute,then it's funny how he complains no one listens to his calls about what's going on in the mission.

I think you also lose credibility by doing this... spamming.

Again... no offence... just saying... smile

there cannot ever be too many Mustang screenshots wink

by the way, you don't see me posting many DCS screenshots (or making skins for that matter) because DCS is NOT releasing anymore templates, go petition them to do it please.

and it is good to be able to compare one sim to another, in this case, P3D vs DCS.

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#4287256 - 08/13/16 01:06 PM Re: Caucasus Map for 2.5 Update - 23 July 2016 [Re: Nate]  
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zaelu Offline
MercInc staff
zaelu  Offline
MercInc staff

Joined: Dec 2005
Posts: 161
France (ex Romania)
What templates are missing?

And since we are at it... do you take requests? Recently Leatherneck released Mig21 templates but they are made for Pro users... meaning layers placed in a Pro manner and little help for quick skins made by just changing colors on some "camo" layers like Ka-50 for example has or Gazelle. here are some examples:

Basically... a squad themed skin pack... For Mig21 is impossible without going into designing by hand some camo patterns and then glide gracefully near the end of PC resources due to the behemoth file size of the template.

So... maybe... if you want a challenge... how about some Mig21 paint schemes? Maybe you have more skill and you can dodge the resource depletion PSP does when you work with that template.

How about some... say... Romanian LanceR inspired skins for the Bis?

like... this one:

If you look on DCS site at mods you will find some Romanian skins but beside them not working anymore they are made not by Pro but by simple users, meaning lots of problems with the quality.

#4287692 - 08/15/16 06:18 PM Re: Caucasus Map for 2.5 Update - 23 July 2016 [Re: RSoro01]  
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Jedi Master  Offline
Sierra Hotel

Joined: Feb 2000
Posts: 49,716
Space Coast, USA
Originally Posted By: RSoro01

That first part gave me a chuckle. I suppose that people like me fly something like P3D because it's similar to when I used to go up in a Piper Cub. Nothing to shoot or blow up but it can be relaxing after a tough day to see the beauty of the world around me from a different vantage point. And in P3D, "see" things I'll never get to see in real life.

Yeah, and I get why people really fly the planes in P3D. Just like while I get the concept of cruising the beach or going for a Sunday drive, I would never buy a game about cruising a beach or going for a Sunday drive.

In other words, just because something is worth actually doing doesn't mean it's worth simulating.

The Jedi Master

The anteater is wearing the bagel because he's a reindeer princess. -- my 4 yr old daughter
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