Awhile ago some of the members of the SB forum but together a starter pack for SB newbies
I would recommend this if you are considering purchasing the sim.

Posted by Ssnake over on the SB forum.

Congratulations on buying Steel Beasts - thank you for your business - and welcome to the community!
The community went at length to set up this dedicated Wiki page for newcomers:
Also, keep in mind the Wiki itself is a great reference tool to supplement the User Manual:
After that, have a look around here and feel free to introduce yourself to the group.
Welcome! smile

(Also, considerate suggestions how to improve that wiki page (or this announcement) are always welcome in this forum.

Link to the time based options
You can dip your toe in the water so to speak if your unsure about trying out a armour simulation.
For as little as ten euro/dollars. simply download and activate the licence.

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