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#4265800 - 05/31/16 06:53 PM Removing paint streaks?  
Joined: Jun 2005
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Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 16,082
Philippines / North East UK
Hey guys.... sorry for posting here instead of the builders forum but figured it'll get more eyes on the topic....

Anyway, I am building a new flight pit and I'm currently painting the consoles. For some reason, on one side console, I have really visible paint streaks. The paint is even and smooth when I run my fingers over it, but the paint streaks are really visible especially when against a light. I applied the paint via a foam roller and all other items painted during that session turned out fine but this side console really shows the streaks. I thought it'd disappear when the paint dries but no luck. I sanded it with 600grit sandpaper and the surface is smooth, painted again, but can still see the streaks but fainter now, I guess. I'm worried that adding more and more layers might hide the streaks, but it might not. Or even if it did, I end up with really thick layer of paint.

I wonder if I should use coarser grit sandpaper to take out the offending layer of paint? Previous coats were fine on this side console.

I'm also starting to paint the floor board of my pit and it's showing streaks as well.

This is my first ever serious painting project so I'm a bit at a loss how to proceed.

- Ice
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#4265816 - 05/31/16 07:49 PM Re: Removing paint streaks? [Re: - Ice]  
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Joined: Jun 2010
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I tend to thin out the paint, model builder, and apply it as different shades of coats Takes practice to get it right.

#4265849 - 05/31/16 10:29 PM Re: Removing paint streaks? [Re: - Ice]  
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Joined: Mar 2006
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Voca, Texas
Paint streaks are usually caused by uneven application of the paint. When you are spraying paint, the only way to fix streaking (tiger striping) is to apply an EVEN coat over the existing coat.


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#4265868 - 05/31/16 11:36 PM Re: Removing paint streaks? [Re: - Ice]  
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I'd use a real brush or a roller (if possible) and don't overload it. Don't try to spread it when it's drying, which can happen fast.
You can't beat good quality paint too. Behr sucks, for instance. Find some Pratt & Lambert, it's worth it and saves money in requiring fewer layers and evens out very well.

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#4265890 - 06/01/16 02:57 AM Re: Removing paint streaks? [Re: - Ice]  
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Normally start with a neutral colour base paint, light grey or so. This will also make sure the paint adheres better to the base material. Then overpaint - three thin layers is better than one thick layer.
Not certain if you can still do that here. But you said that after overpainting a second time the streaks were less visible - so I'd say paint a third time and see if they disappear altogether.

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