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#4244268 - 03/29/16 01:17 PM Short Sunderlands over Malta  
Joined: Oct 2007
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Avid campaign builder
Poltava  Offline
Avid campaign builder

Joined: Oct 2007
Posts: 247
As we now, thanks to Barnsey, CWatson, Storebror, Epervier, Gumpy & others, have a Short Sunderland in the game, I've built a campaign for it smile

It's a 6-mission static campaign portraying the activities of a Malta based Short Sunderland Squadron during the fall of 1942. The worst period of the siege of Malta is just over, but the action in the air is still brisk and deadly. You will perform a number of mission typical of the Short Sunderland: long range sea recce, u-boat hunts, bombing raids, pilot rescue operations. You will be based in Calafrana on Malta, which historically was the base for these flying boats during the air and sea battles for Malta.

The campaign has been built in DBW 1.71, using the 4.10 version of the game. It might work in other versions as well, but I haven't tested that yet.

More info and download here:

Original Mod here:

Although short the campaign features maximum randomness! There is a random element in all missions. Firstly in the manner that each mission comes in three different versions, the game picking one of them by random. Secondly in that the campaign makes intensive use of Checkyersix's Command and Control Mod. These factors are randomized in the missions:
Time of Day
Weather. Most missions uses Dynamic Weather, which means that the weather can actually change during your flight. Go from better to worse, and vice versa. And if not Dynamic Weather is used, then the weather is simply randomized at mission start.
Skill of both opponents and crews on your own side.
Number of opposing aircraft or surface vessels. Sometimes, due to this randomizer, there will be no opposition at all, and your mission will turn out completely uneventful - just like in real life!
This means that if you replay a mission or the whole the campaign the chance that it will turn out exactly the same again is very, very small.

And thanks to CY6s revolutionary C&C Mod you will have the following functions in your aircraft: a working surface radar (very important in this type of campaign), a navigator, a spotter and a gunner.

As mentioned this campaign has been built in Dark Blue World 1.7. In addition to this Mod pack you will need the following items as well:
* The new Short Sunderland (of course) by Barnsey & others, found here:
* Checkyersixs C&C Mod version 3.031:,26654.0.html
* The Cant Z.506B by Team Daidalos (and additional work by Epervier), found here:,20980.0.html
* Plus the Self-Stationary version of the Sunderland by Mission_bug:,48542.0.html

Thanks for looking! smile

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#4247333 - 04/07/16 01:08 AM Re: Short Sunderlands over Malta [Re: Poltava]  
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Viceroy of Huntly

Joined: Feb 2006
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Virginia, USA
notworthy That's pretty awesome given the subject matter.

It's a Game. smile
#4249276 - 04/13/16 03:26 AM Re: Short Sunderlands over Malta [Re: Poltava]  
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Joined: Dec 2008
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Corona, California
Very nice. thumbsup


Cheers wave

Mission4Today (Campaigns, Missions, and Skins for IL-2)
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#4249291 - 04/13/16 04:16 AM Re: Short Sunderlands over Malta [Re: Poltava]  
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Joined: Dec 2013
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Thank you, Poltava!

This is going to be great thumbsup

Dogfighting is what you do "after" you drop your bombs and blow something up!
Can you say "JABO!" thumbsup

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