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#4238298 - 03/09/16 08:34 PM Mius Front: First update - March 2016  
Joined: Feb 2014
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Asid Offline
Dogs of War
Asid  Offline
Dogs of War

Joined: Feb 2014
Posts: 484
First update - March 2016

1) Expanded the organizational structure of tank battalion on British tanks in quick battle (added Mk3 tanks and T-60/70)
2) Added an interactive preview of the expected platoon composition in quick battle, in platoon properties (Ctrl+left click)
3) Modified parameters of the algorithm of squad and vehicle selection depending on the reinforcement strategy
4) Expanded the infantry and rifle unit reserves in quick battle
5) Updated the user guide
6) Adjusted the default order modifiers
7) Changed designation of solid and subcaliber projectiles in the statistics
8) Changed the algorithm of vehicle movement in case of getting stuck
9) Adjusted the rules of indicating incompatible movement and formation modifiers in the radial menu
10) Changed sounds of burning grass
11) Changed icons and tactical purpose of some squads
12) Fixed several bugs that led to game crash during operation
13) Fixed bug in formation of the line formation, which led to vehicles and soldiers bunching-up
14) Fixed several bugs in soldier behavior and animations
15) Fixed a bug with machine gun of KV-8 tank
16) Fixed bug which caused blocking of operation tutorial with enabled control of Allied forces setting
17) Fixed bug which caused miscalculation of squares occupied after battle (always in favor of the player)
18) Fixed damage indication in the statistics
19) Fixed the drawing of the division symbol on PzIV F/2 turret
20) Fixed bug which caused the bogging down of some tanks (e.g. Mk2)
21) Reduced rain intensity in the deployment and initial orders modes
22) Fixed several bugs that led to corrupted saves in tactical battle
23) Fixed bug which caused soldiers to run out of trenches
24) Fixed bug that blocked the drawing of tactical diagrams for some vehicles
25) Fixed bug which caused an incorrect detonation delay in the shell fuses
26) Fixed a bug with hooking guns to SU-152 and KV-1S and mounting of their crews
27) Fixed locations of some destroyed vehicle hulks remaining on the battlefield in operation (Pz-IV, Marder, etc.)
28) Fixed incorrect postures of gun crews on the deployment stage
29) Fixed incorrect splitting into sections for motorized infantry on M3A1 APC
30) Fixed a bug with heavy weapon crew assistants running out of formation
31) Fixed displaying of user missions in the list

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#4238300 - 03/09/16 08:44 PM Re: Mius Front: First update - March 2016 [Re: Asid]  
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Joined: Sep 2007
Posts: 216
Thanks it looks good!

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