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#4142943 - 07/04/15 07:14 PM 4K60 M-11 Shtorm (SA-N-3 Goblet)  
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Michigan, USA
The 4K60 & 4K65 M-11 Shtorm/SA-N-3 Goblet missile system was used on the Project 1123 "Kondor"/Moskva-class, Project 1134 "Berkut"/Kresta I-class, Project 1134A "Berkut-A"/Kresta II-class, and Project 1134B "Berkut-B"/Kara-class cruisers as well as the Project 1143 "Krechyet"/Kiev-class carriers. As far as I know it is also the only Soviet naval SAM system not to have a land based counterpart.

I was wondering if anyone has any accurate information about this missile system? Most easily accessible western sources seem to be somewhat inaccurate or contradictory to me.

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#4143053 - 07/05/15 08:22 AM Re: 4K60 M-11 Shtorm (SA-N-3 Goblet) [Re: KJakker]  
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Hungary, Europe
What are you interested of? biggrin

Soviet Navy (similarly to the Soviet Army) required a short and medium range SAM system.

M-1 Volna with 4K90 (and later 4K91) missiles was the short range system. (SA-N-1)
It uses the same missile as the S-125 Neva (SA-3) system.

M-2 Volhov-M with 13DM missile was the medium range system. (SA-N-2)
It uses the same missile as the S-75 Desna (SA-2) system.

The NAVY was not really happy about the later system.
They wanted a lighter, single staged missile, with similar capabilities as the M-2.
This replacement was the M-11 Sthorm system (SA-N-3) with the 4K60 missile.

Its GROM (Head Lights) guidance system has one target, and 2 missile channels.

The lower two larger parabola tracks the target, similarly as the Volhov (Narrow Beam/LORO) antennas.
The upper smaller pairs track the two missile, ala KRUG/OSA.
The smaller parabola between and under of the target trackers, is the guidance command antenna for both missile channels.

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Free SAM Simulator, "Realistic to the Switch"

(U-2 over Sverdlovsk, B-52's over Hanoi, F-4 Phantoms over the Sinai, F-16's and the F-117A Stealth bomber over the Balkans.)

Book from the author - Soviet Nuclear Weapons in Hungary 1961-1991

#4151824 - 07/29/15 04:36 PM Re: 4K60 M-11 Shtorm (SA-N-3 Goblet) [Re: KJakker]  
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