Cut and paste from CMANO/Subsim forum but great news for such a dedicated team who continues to raise the bar of excellence. It's great to see them being considered for something beyond the gaming community and into the professional level of simulation. Your timing to both stand up a great naval sim and choosing the team you have chosen, speaks volumes about your character and talent searching. It's that same ability that allows the continued updates to post regularly and not repeatedly. It's also nice that your team is able to keep your scenario counts accurate and lively, lessens the confusion. Well done Dimitris, Emsoy and Ragnar!

Link to the original thread: Warfaresim website

"Over the years, Slitherine has developed some of the most in-depth and well-researched wargames in the market. Combining historical accuracy, cutting edge AI and enhanced combat models, Slitherine games have always been more about what is under the hood than before the eyes.

A crucial appreciation of these efforts is now coming from experts at defense, security and aerospace multinational BAE Systems. In particular, real time wargame Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations has been chosen to start a collaboration with Slitherine and its development partners.

Developed by Warfare Sims,Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is the next generation of wargaming. Using a 3D earth globe for each of its scenario, the game simulates sensors and weapons just like in real life, with all their strength and weaknesses. Its success has been overwhelming, so much that hundreds of scenarios have been created and shared by an ever-growing community.

For more information about Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations check the product page "

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