Hey guys,

This is my first time posting here. I've been playing for several weeks now. I've taught myself so very much considering that my first day I was like "There is no way I'm gonna remember to press f5-f1-f3 to start up."

I now can:

1) Start and shutdown properly
2) Fly a preset flight-plan
3) Use all weapons properly and manipulate their settings.
4) Use my HOTAS for everything during a combat mission
5) VFR approach and Instrument landing
6) Use and enter JTAC coordinates into the CDU find them and prosecute
7) Enter wind/temp/direction into LASTE
8) Some Acrobatics (immelman, Split S, Loop)
9) Share targets and send SPI's to wing-men
10) Emergency restarts in flight

I've read that manual twice already and done all the training missions twice as well.

I've done several solo missions including Sitting Ducks, Smerch Hunt, 2 Bridges, Surrounded...I tried the campaign and that didn't go well.

I feel that I may have come to my plateau of solo learning and need someone to critique me and help me spot areas/mistakes I'm making.

I want to nip any fundamental mistakes as soon as possible before they become bad habits.

My ultimate goal is to find a good group of like minded sim pilots to run missions with, I take this pretty serious...but not like crazy RP lunatic serious...but I'd like to learn to use brevity codes with confidence.

Anyway if anyone is willing to instruct me, or knows of a squad that would take someone relatively new but working hard please let me know!

Thanks so much!