All I'm saying is that during an alpha it would be nice to open up the testing a bit instead of making everything look like a space version of War Thunder. I've crowdfunded and kickstarted many projects, and the alpha/beta phases never needed to devolve into the system we currently have. At least the REC system has put an end to the restriction of flying only ships bought with specific purchases, but it also puts the emphasis on the competitive aspects and a War Thunder like system.

I don't to get a "better" ship because I paid more, quite the contrary since I'm not interested in the competitive dog fighting stuff. I guess I'm just a bit anxious of facing yet another debacle of the same type as with IL2 BOS where the delivered game might be something very far from what was initially pitched to early backers. Some of the grumpiness expressed here by others certainly seems to indicate that I'm not alone. Maybe a miracle will happen and the persistent universe will suddenly open up a gameplay and system that is great. And even if that's not good, hopefully Squadron 42 will deliver an awesome SP experience - but then again, the recent debacle with IL2 BOS makes me nervous there too and I hope we'll actually have an SP experience that is more than an afterthought - for those there on the very first announcements, you might remember that the SP experience was central to the project, and the persistent universe was a stretch goal. Anyway, that's only my 2 cents and I'm only worried, not yet convinced that things will go bad. Hopefully I'm wrong. I'm certainly one of those who would like to see both ED and SC succeed because I played both Elite (the original) and Wing Commander games, enjoyed them both and would like both styles revived - and hell I'd love to see some X-Wings series revival too while we're at it!

PS: Can we please have a conversation that doesn't involve qualifying someone else's statements as "dumb". I really don't see why we need to get there.

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