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#4087231 - 03/03/15 10:42 PM MWO patch notes 3/3  
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Joined: Apr 2008
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Patch Notes - 1.3.376 - 03-MAR-2015
by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Mar 3, 2015 5:00 PM UTC
Tuesday, March 3rd @ 10AM 1PM PDT
Patch Number: 1.3.376

There are times in development where youre standing atop a structure built of new features, excited by the addition of fresh content. There are other times where you must instead prepare the ground for new growth, clearing away those deep and branching paths previously established and rarely used. It is then that you can forge new paths, and reveal new vistas.

During the last two weeks the team have cut and cleaned their way through to new FPS optimizations, HUD information display fixes, various crash fixes, Mech torso spin repair, VoIP functionality tweaks, and have (as far as current in-house testing can tell) vanquished the dreaded freeze-bug.

From the bug-jungle travails of the programming team, the route to the Mining Collective is once again available and players will find themselves arriving there with regularity.

Joining the family of Inner Sphere Champion 'Mechs is the new Griffin GRF-1S(C)! Players can put this Champion to the test with its inclusion in the entirely revamped Trial Mech collection, detailed further in the Gameplay section of these notes.

The team continues to look ahead, strengthening the foundation for existing features and future additions. There is still much to do and much to reveal, and we look forward to sharing these developments with you in future updates.

- The MechWarrior Team

Change Log

New Champion 'Mech:

Griffin GRF-1S(C)

Tonnage: 55
Engine: 275 Standard

Top Speed: 81 kph
Max Engine Rating: 360

Torso Movement:

130 degrees to each side.
25 degrees up and down.

Arm Movement:

35 degrees to each side.
30 degrees up and down.

Armor: 320 (Standard)
Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
Weapons & Equipment:

Left Torso: SRM 6, SRM 4, SRM Ammo, Jump Jet x2, Double Heat Sink x2
Center Torso: Engine, Jump Jet
Right Torso: SRM Ammo, Jump Jet x2, Double Heat Sink x3
Right Arm: Medium Laser x4, Double Heat Sink


Left Torso: 2 Missile
Right Torso: 1 AMS
Right Arm: 4 Energy

Heat Sinks: 17 Double
Jump Jets: 5 (7 Max)
ECM Capable?: No
Module Slots:

Mech: 1
Consumable: 2
Weapon: 2

Movement Archetype: Medium

+9 Additional Structure (RA)
+10% Torso Turn Rate (Yaw)
+12.5% Energy Range
+7.5% Energy Cooldown
-12.5% Laser Duration
+12.5% Missile Cooldown
+7.5% Medium Laser Cooldown

30% XP bonus when owned.

Resistance Mechs

Added special geometry for the Resistance [R] Variant of the Panther and Enforcer.


Inner Sphere dropdeck tonnage limit has been increased to 250 tonnes when fighting against Clans in Community Warfare. IS vs. IS matches will have the standard 240 tonnage limit.


VoIP speaker icon in the Scoreboard and pre-match screens now indicate when a player is talking.
Clicking on the VoIP speaker icon in the Scoreboard and pre-match screens will now mute that player. The original mute player menu has been removed.
Increased the volume for Clan Warhorns and the ComStar Warhorn.

Increased the number of Warhorns that can play at the same time.
Added another music track for the Inner Sphere Map.
Reduced the SFX volume for Dropships.
Clan Collection Badges are more visually distinct.
Optimization to the 'Mech BattleGrid.
Optimization to the Lance Information Panel.
Optimization to the 'Mech Target System.
Optimization to the 'Mech Loadout Panel.

The available Trial 'Mechs have changed.
Inner Sphere:

Raven RVN-3L(C)
Spider SDR-5K(C)
Griffin GRF-1S(C)
Trebuchet TBT-7M(C)
Quickdraw QKD-4G(C)
Thunderbolt TDR-9SE(C)
Banshee BNC-3M(C)
Victor VTR-9S(C)


Mist Lynx MLX-Prime
Kit Fox KFX-C*
Ice Ferret IFR-Prime
Stormcrow SCR-C
Hellbringer HBR-Prime
Mad Dog MDD-Prime
Gargoyle GAR-Prime
Dire Wolf DWF-B

As a result, the default Community Warfare dropdecks have also changed.
Inner Sphere:

Raven RVN-3L(C)
Quickdraw QKD-4G(C)
Thunderbolt TDR-9SE(C)
Victor VTR-9S(C)


Kit Fox KFX-C*
Ice Ferret IFR-Prime
Hellbringer HBR-Prime
Dire Wolf DWF-B

* The KFX-C is part of the Clan Reinforcement Collection, and is the only Trial 'Mech that can not yet be purchased in-game. All Reinforcement 'Mechs will be available in-game for MC and C-Bills on April 21st.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a TeamSpeak crash.
Fixed a crash in Flash that some players would experience when joining or exiting a match.
Possible fix for the graphical freezes that some players were experiencing. The Mining Collective has been tentatively restored to the rotation queue.
Fixed an issue where the Group window was not refreshing properly after returning from a Group match.
Fixed the remaining issues with 'Mech centering.
Fixed an issue where UAV's were not rendering properly after a certain distance.
Fixed an issue where damage texture and damage glow were not showing correctly when playing the game in 3D Vision.
Fixed an issue where players sometimes wouldn't see the loadout of the targeted 'Mech.
Fixed an issue where the Clan ER PPC was not dealing its splash damage to the rear center torso when fired at the rear right torso.
Fixed an issue where a Gauss Rifle explosion was listed as "Ammo Explosion" on the death screen. It now registers as a "Weapon Explosion".
A component that has been destroyed from overheating will now show as destroyed in the 'Mech paperdoll/component display.
Fixed an issue where the cursor would move without any mouse input when using TrackIR and Advanced Zoom.
Fixed an issue where the first slot in the lance window would always display "No player" when spectating.
Fixed an issue where the camera would stay focused on the dead 'Mech instead of switching to the next live teammate when spectating.
Fixed an issue where 'Mech targeting information was not updating correctly when spectating.
Pressing ESC while loading a Testing Grounds session no longer causes a loss of input functionality.
Fixed an issue where the default Badge was appearing behind Badges in Private and Faction lobbies.

Known Issues

After performing and saving changes multiple times through the in-game video settings, the 'Mech shadow may sometimes flicker while in the frontend menu.

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#4087254 - 03/03/15 11:24 PM Re: MWO patch notes 3/3 [Re: Raw Kryptonite]  
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Joined: Mar 2006
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Not sure if a bug or planned feature, but you now get an enemy icon in front of you when there is an enemy detected behind you.

Its really annoying !!

Team lances are also porked. Dropping tonight in a 3 man group, we often found ourselves in the same spawn, but in different lances. Which is a pain as when the fighting starts, its easy to loose your group mates as they are the same colour icon as everyone else instead of standing out like those in your lance.

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