Greetings MechWarriors!

Welcome to the first patch of 2015. For this new-year-patching-kick-off were rolling out a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Call To Arms notifications will now provide a better indication as to which battles require players. These notifications will now only trigger when there is already a 12-player team of Attackers or Counter-Attackers waiting in a Lobby. This means that the notification popup will not continue to go out if there is already a fully-formed strike team ready to answer the Call To Arms and jump into a match. This change should significantly reduce the long queue times associated with answering a Call To Arms notification.

The Community Warfare Ceasefire window now occurs every 8 hours, allowing players from varying global regions equal access to peak play times and game-changing battles over the Inner Sphere.

The initial roll-out of the Faction Grouping system is now in place! Under the original system, players could only invite friends who were members of the same Unit into a Group. Under the new system, any player on your Friend list who is of the same Faction can join your Group. We'll continue to roll out new features and changes to the Faction Grouping system in future patches, so stay tuned for more information!

Finally, as part of the Clan Reinforcements Initiative, 12 new Clan 'Mech Variants are now available in the Gift Store! You can check out the Clan Reinforcements FAQ here!
Click the 'Mech links below for more details on each of these new Clan Variants.

(you gift them to yourself if buying for yourself)

Change Log

Power/Override Behavior Changes

- Override ('O') can now be toggled on and off with no time limit (previously would only toggle on for 5 seconds).
- Manually powering up and down ('P') will disable override.
- Disabling override while overheating will re-engage the safety and shut down your 'Mech.
- Override can be toggled while shut down, and will power up the 'Mech. was like that waaay back when in the beta. Enabled you to power up quickly to try to run away from danger

General Changes

- Enemy ECM no longer affects turrets.
- Call to Arms notifications will now indicate how close the pending match is to launching as 12 v 0.
- Default game save folder changed to C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games directory (your prntscrn screenshots moved here too)

Faction Grouping

- Group leaders can now invite any player who is part of their Faction (Unit membership restriction is no longer in-game).
- For this initial release of the Faction Grouping system, players must still be on the group leaders Friend list. Allowing group leaders to invite players not on their Friend list will be addressed in a later patch.
- Players who are either not currently in the same Faction (or whose previous contract with that Faction has expired) cannot be invited.
- Players who enter an invalid state (ie. expired contract) while in a group will cause the group to not be able to launch until this issue is resolved by the player or group leader.

Bug Fixes

- Invasion corridor selection algorithm has been adjusted to fix several issues.
- Logging in during a ceasefire will no longer erroneously show planets as attack-able or defend-able in the planet info panel.
- Call to Arms notifications are now only issued when an opposing team cannot be located within 20 seconds.
- Fixed a rare issue where the player would see the wrong reward screen when returning to the front-end after a Community Warfare match.
- If a player dies from being out of bounds, the death screen will now show 'Destroyed by Out of Bounds'.
- Bunch of localization bugs fixed.
- The 'Subtotal' entry in the End of Round screen now reflects the pre-bonus reward value.
- User should no longer see the error message "Unknown Failure" when redeeming item(s) upon logging in.
- Users can no longer tilt their Mechs body before a full power-up
- Dropdown arrows will no longer overlap text on the faction screen
- The Exchange XP slider now accurately reflects the XP conversion
- Faction loyalty achievement text now accurately reflects the updated required LP
- When a planet is at 100% the % symbol is no longer cut off
- When reconnecting to the Drop Preparation screen the time remaining is now displayed correctly
- When rejoining a CW match the camera will now correctly display the inside of the cockpit
- When spectating a dead Mech (no live Mechs left) placeholder text will no longer be displayed on screen
- IS borders will now properly display in 3D vision
- Players will now correctly receive Unit Invitations without having to re-log
- Ready / Not Ready buttons will no longer remain after leaving a unit group
- The DropShip will no longer overlap with the store interface
- Upon leaving a Private Lobby the camera will no longer face the pilot
- Clan UAC range modules now correctly describe them as Clan
- The Hellbringer now leaves footprints
- User is no longer able to receive unit invites from a blocked user

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

- The MechWarrior Online Team

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