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#4065892 - 01/19/15 03:25 AM Advise for flaps on BF 109  
Joined: Mar 2007
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Aullido Offline
Aullido  Offline

Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 483
I have some questions about the game and the 109 on particular. I never was a good pilot, I don't know the fine points of flying. So if someone here is kind enough to help me improve I will be very grateful. I will begin with the 109 because it is very automated. I am using HSFX 7.0.3 with expert and history mod.

How I use flaps properly? I already set an axis to control it and I don't have any idea if it is worth the trouble. I understand it is very important to use it only at low speeds. I used to avoid using combat flaps because I didn't know when the flaps were counterproductive.

Do you usually fly without the auto propeller on? I always fry the poor thing.


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#4066391 - 01/20/15 01:52 AM Re: Advise for flaps on BF 109 [Re: Aullido]  
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rollnloop. Offline
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rollnloop.  Offline
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Joined: Jun 2004
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Hi Aullido,

To me it's not worth and even counter productive to set flaps on an axis in HSFX, more flap jam risks than with keys. More true to life however, your call.

Flaps on HSFX's 109 are best used with keys.

One press gives you combat flaps. This can be used when cutting across the circle of your opponent, and you don't risk to jam flaps using one press, at least it never happened to me.

Second press gives you take/off flaps. This can be used for take off with heavy load (useless with a clean 109), or in combat below 300kph, when trying to reduce further more your turn radius (doesn't change much turn rate), in scissors, rolling scissors, or any other tight close manoeuver when playing overshoot with the ennemy. You can jam flaps if too fast.

Last, landing flaps are useful at even lower speeds (250kph abd less), in the last stages of the overshoot game. You will jam flaps if too fast.

If you play the 109 well tactically, you should not use your flaps very often in 1941 to 1943 fights, and in 1945 fighs, since 109 will overclimb its opponents in these years it's better to use the energy fighting. Of course if you outnumber your opponents some can go play while the other cover. 1944 however is a tough year, and you will probably be forced on defensive more than once, you will then probably need the flaps.

Finally, I leave prop on auto except for taxi and landing (I then use fine pitch/max RPMs), when I want to be sure to get good response to any throttle change. Do this when established at 200kph or less, no overrev risk at this speed.

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