Wings Over Flanders Fields : Between Heaven and Hell II.

News flash - if you have a problem with WOFF (or WOTR) hanging on first run of the day you may have the Microsoft Rundll issue

(especially when going to fly you see "EXCEPTION: Game terminated prematurely" message)....

See this post by user Wallsworld (thanks!) and visit

The batch file there has been used, is safe, and works for those that needed it.

>> See this troubleshooting section <<
We will move the sticky to this forum eventually..

Also see the latest FAQ as always available from our website Support pages

Please read through carefully for your issue, there's a ton of help there.

Direct link to the FAQs here :
WOFF BH&H II FAQ PDF document:

Or go to the SUPPORT page on our website. (Also go to Support page on WOTR website for WOTR help)

Older WOFF UE/PE FAQ PDF document:

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